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   Currently home to more safe drinking water, during the installation of water purifiers, water purifiers will choose cleaning, descaling consider installing a water purifier, because of its features are more able to water the dirt among the better the clean-up, carefully selected for you the following small series and share the article on cleaning water purifier prices, allowing you to understand more professional renovation and decoration Feng shui knowledge and experience, the main contents include: the decoration techniques, Feng shui and interior design case .

   is currently home to more safe drinking water, during the installation of water purifiers, water purifiers will choose cleaning, descaling consider installing a water purifier, because of its features are more able among the dirt water better clean up, protect the safety of water users. Therefore, as many families making the selection, willing to learn more about cleaning the water purifier prices, as well as an optional method, for the more you understand, the following content will be a lot of demand were specifically introduced cleaning water purifier price and the purchase method, you can fully grasp understanding.

   cleaning water purifier price

   1. Bucketless large flow 400G RO reverse osmosis water purification water machine household cleaning direct drinking water sterilization, price 楼 489.00

   2. 5 Patio pure water RO-185 (Ultimate paragraph) RO water for household cleaning drinking water purifier, the price of 楼 1098.00

   3. Lay the home-run center softener softener kitchen cleaning water purifier water purifier door installation, price 楼 6980.00, 4980.00 promotional price 楼

   steps 4 selected cleaning household water purifiers

   1, see qualification.

   production of cleaning water purifier manufacturers must obtain a health permit higher health supervision departments through technical supervision departments identified, in line with "drinking water standards" countries.

   2, see material.

   on the market for the existing stainless steel, glass, steel, cast iron, aluminum, or a food grade resin, such as PVC material. The first three belonging to the good pressure resistance of the material, can be used as a pre-filter (machine center). The latter two are relatively poor compression resistance of the material can only be used at the rear end prefilter (central unit), used straight drink machine. In these types of materials, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of stainless steel as the best, the price is relatively high, PVC resin, or a compression food very poor, the price is relatively low.

   3, selected function.

   water processor must first select your purpose, first of all from the big concept that is to be purified water or demineralized water. Purified water is the removal of sediment, impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, organics and some minerals. Demineralized water to remove calcium and magnesium ions, the most direct, that is to scale.

   4, selected from the filter.

   The most commonly used water purification materials are PP cotton, activated carbon, KDF, ultrafiltration membrane, the RO membrane (reverse osmosis membrane, a reverse osmosis membrane), quartz sand, stone, infrared mineralization ball . Different water purification materials will produce different purification effect, consumers can choose a suitable water purifier according to their desired purifying effect.

   choose well-known brands only fly

   requires professional cleaning water filter purification technology, installation and good after-sales service, well-known brand of quality and detail much better than the average small manufacturers. Many manufacturers of water purifiers water purifiers top ten name brand banner, but selling a low price, nothing more than to get a good value for money in a highly competitive market, in fact, for junk category of products, there is talk What does the cost is simply nothing in the price war, the price war is the ultimate sacrifice of product quality and reputation, so we choose water purifier, be sure to choose the big brands, well-known brands, big brands have R & D capabilities, good service network, so that quality and service can only be guaranteed.

   cleaning water purifier is a family type currently in the choice of installing water purifiers, willing to choose, and that this water purifier, due to the multi-functional, safer, so you can protect the family drinking water no problem. But before making the purchase, in order to buy drinking water purifier reasonable price, For more information on prices, learn how to buy, so as to select by brand cleaning water purifiers, water purifiers make use of the family in order to protect the use of safe, improve the health index.

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