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   October 12, by the international Blue nest? Drinking water era, organized in association with the United States retail Fourth China summit held a grand ecological water purification industry. Retail can be said of art, science can also be said that in my country, the retail industry knowledge structure and vision of employees still in the initial stage. So both for practitioners or businesses, take a ride on the era of the "new retail" will be able to a paradise on earth.

   from the new retail author Ma point of view, it is worth noting that, compared to previous years, dedicated to sales, this years "double 11", Lynx will pay more attention to test the "new retail" project results "big parade".

   for nearly a year to the concept of "new retail" can be described as the spread of all industry, the water industry is no exception. So, the new retail in the end the "new" where the conventional retail formats, what is different? Sequoia Capital China Partners Fund Xing believes that over the past five years the development of Chinas retail consumption just as "Buddhist sutras", is continuing to explore breakthrough also continue to fall into the "pit" in. "2017 is the line retail revitalized the year", and those "new retail line download body" is "is a train bound for the spring."

   in which new retail new? The nature of retail are the three core elements "of people, goods, field" interaction between them. The driving force of new retail, there are new people, not just consumer groups, as well as retail practitioners. New Retail new formats, new people, new brand, a new technology integrated rendering. Well, that is building a new format, relying on new people, new brand, new technologies. The water industry development, "new retail" can learn from the experience of the following cases, the development of new ways of feeling a new era.

   a new form

   hi tea


   some time ago in the store can be described maxed circle of friends, a lot of people lined up hour team, just to drink a cup of tea. Hi tea comes as a red traffic network, the flow of people to the next line. This is a new format, so that entrepreneurs represent the backbone of the new retail, they are some of the younger, you can stand higher level thinking innovation entrepreneurs.

   super species


   The store is a bold attempt leader of Chinas retail industry, the name is cool ?? super species. This speciesWords very popular recently in the retail industry. Which does have a number of different species, in such retail formats, and they have the different categories, styles and characteristics of "species" combination to go together, this collection inside a shop.

   Today convenience stores


   a dream trafficking convenience store, Today life is a dreamer, they are two of the most famous mantra is "Do not most hardy time to enjoy the comfortable, "and" every day you wake up alarm clock or a dream? "break the routine, so that products give consumers the feeling, so that users perceive different service experience.

   2 new crowd

   new retail in the "new people" is not just consumer groups, as well as practitioners, this is very important.

   As Today one of the franchise is to open two girls, one girl is doing in financial Dongfeng Motor, another girl is a local state-owned enterprises in the middle. There is a young man studying in Australia back open, there is a network of local red Wuhan, Wuhan University graduate student opened ...... these operators have a very high quality, customer service and business for themselves I understand, totally on a higher level, they win the traditional small grocery store uncle aunt or uncle Aunt.

   as retailers such lines Today, they do not need to do better than Jingdong Ali, just under the wire around the store will succeed better than others. So, for the water industry SMEs also applies, to keep pace with the big brands do not need to just make their own characteristics and can also be a selling point to win the favor of the market.

   3 new brands

   retail do? Selling products to consumers and meet their needs, while also promoting the development of new brand new retail.

   Millet House

   It is said that the global assessment millet effect after the Apple store, crowded. In addition to selling millet phone, there are a series of millet ecosystem in a variety of intelligent hardware products, as the water industry since the new Xiuyun meters water purifiers are selling here. Millets home to provide consumers with new products, new brands, which also support the vitality of its retail lines.

   4 new technology

   new technologies enabling new retail

   US company for the retail industry has developed a robot that can automatically help people patrol shelves. First, inspect the shelves can be found where their goods are irregular; the second, in the course of inspections can detect the movement of people. So I can see where the goods get more, where you take the less, timely feedback to the background manager, told them what the shelf replenishment. By using this robot, a significant reduction in the manual of this store, but it can do better than artificial, impossible to mistake.

   Sensor things

   in a store, through a sensor system of things, can more accurately know the crowd to action trajectory of the store, to help people to better adjust your display, operations and so on.

   artificial intelligence and big data

   In fact, there are many retail behind the science, in addition to hardware-related, there are a lot of soft data analysis behind it. We tend to believe that marketing is something soft, but the door is actually marketing the data subject.

   5 new retail development path

   no matter how beautiful term to describe retail, its real core on three elements: people, goods, farm. As companies need to think about is to broaden the dimensions, each element should have a dimension of online and offline, or is the state online and offline status.

   We these three elements can be used online, offline two dimensions Consideration will be deployed, they are located in the state, the scene is not the same. "Field" have online and offline different dimensions, "goods" is the same, what you see in the store, and goods in the virtual space of the SKU (SKUs) are completely different order of magnitude. After

   These three core elements are superimposed in the dimensions of online and offline, the interaction between each other can be more freely. This is why there are more new retail space for entrepreneurs to break through. You only on a few interactive correspondence between looking for a new program, you can give users a new experience, and if give users to create new, pleasant user experience, then you will be successful.

   a new era of retail 6 water industry

   In the face of a new era of retail water industry, and the guests participating in the Fourth Summit of Chinese business leaders ecological water purification industry expressed their insights:

  , general manager of Gome Home Appliance Division Tangyou Jiang: to contribute to major health era

   is a new retail concept Ma once said, my understanding is that the logistics plus online and offline. The ceiling of the whole industry is getting closer, growth and increasing pressure. Gome advantage of online and lower logistics, we put online is relatively small, it is still to catch up. We have the first-mover advantage in the new retail formats.

   We use video and photos this way is difficult for consumers to experience the tangible benefits can really make a better development of water purification industry is to allow consumers to experience the real product. It will bring more opportunities for this industry.

   changes brought new retail: from enterprise management as the center, and gradually shift to user-centric. We talk about progress in the United States on new retail, December 19, 2016 held a press conference the retail price, Gome May 15 this year changed its name to the United States retail. Group CEO proposed 6 + 1 strategy, namely, service, user, platform, share and experience products and new retail strategy for the king. Throughout the scene experience, we seize the consumer to upgrade.

   United States goal is to provide experiential retail stores, the future will call for 100 million people in the United States and the founding of stores nationwide, the United States hopes to build its 3.0 era, to form a user-centric win-win ecosystem. Online and offline consumer stratification is very clear, consumer line average unit price in the same category of goods will be 50% lower than the line or more, more of the products functional selling points show more to the consumer, with differentiated product features to gain consumer recognition of our vendors.

   At present, drinking water safety problems find many countries, the industry has a responsibility and obligation to convey to consumers the concept of healthy living to safe drinking water. Water industry is a huge space sunrise industry, which we need to integrate the whole industry chain, to dig products more in line with consumer demand, and through in-depth coverage of the market to integrate customer coverage to users. For the United States the biggest advantage is that the country has 200,000 employees, and our share can bring a promotion from quantitative to qualitative results. The future of the United States will lead to a water purifier booth, allow consumers to experience the product line at vantage points to see the actual water purification products, out of a force of great national health era.

   Beijing Bo Cinda Trade Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Wang Jun: zero newThe sale is reshaping the business structure

   time in todays era of market changes, many of the companys operating costs are growing, corporate profits increasingly difficult. But this is not because of market movements, but consumer demand in the market changes. With the application of new technologies, new methods, more convenient customer access to information, and promote the traditional retail business continues to change.

   our consumption characteristics of the consumer to do the analysis, the first price is no longer the most important buying factors; secondly the customers age has undergone tremendous change, after 80 has become the main consumer; the consumer again very focus on product quality, functionality, intelligence and appearance to the level of the whole professional system requirements from a single product demand; the only other choice is not the physical store consumers pay more attention to detail and feel the whole buying process in the buying process, and finally make full use of various tools to obtain product information and make evaluations make judgments, not simply for such herd behavior.

   consumers of changes brought about a change in sales channels. Format evolved from wholesale to department stores, chain business and then, the next step is now in the form of e-commerce. Nearly two years there is a new sales channel ?? new retail. The new retail business is internet-based, for the production process as well as sales of goods to be upgraded through the use of artificial intelligence and other advanced big data means, and then reshape the format and structure of a retail model ecosystem.

   such sales may increase efficiency, provide customized services. Our company achieved a 24 hours online interactive services. Bo Cinda basic realization of electronic, in order to enhance the efficiency of our work we have done only good service business model and the way to be able to better serve our customers.

   Million and general manager of the Beijing Yu Long Trade Lilian Wen: the effect of adding efficiency is equal effectiveness

   simple B2C sales platform with traditional offline no difference. New retail is to change a way of thinking, there is no new thinking will not appear on the new retail, but also the method of using Internet tools, pulling a large data. New thinking there must be a new idea, we should spare the space industry, the first is the traditional retail space, this goes without saying, because already forming in the industry; followed by the space community groups, such as the use of micro-channel group for our owners push products; collaboration space again, such as some cross-border capacityProduct of cooperation; and finally the infinite room for innovation. The space will generate new thinking into action, so the new retail will follow.

   Effect added efficiency is equal effectiveness, the effect of three demands: First, manufacturers demands, the demands of the manufacturers is also very simple, that is, can be bigger and stronger; second platform channel demands, different channels internet online and offline there are also different aspirations, when you put all of these channels make good use of the platform, the new retail and retail naturally formed, so the analysis should appeal as a scholarship to continue studies; the last is the final appeal agents, good benefits. Comprehensive terms, as long as meet the demands of the three parties, plus Internet tools and methods, it will have very good benefits.

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