Water purifier filtneeds to be replaced three signals
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  Three signals of water purifier filter needs to be replaced: Tim net water purification Views: 276 Published: 2019-1-24 15:24:25 water purifier filter is the soul of intercept impurities in the water, harmful bacteria depend on it, home water purifier filter must be changed regularly, otherwise the impurities attached to the long-term filter, filter impurities in the water weakened the effectiveness of, or even cause secondary pollution of water, contrary to the original intention of the purchase of water purification machines household water purification water quality, so for the sake of the health of their families, we must regularly replace the filter. So how long water purifier filter replacement once it? Household water purifier filter replacement cycle is based on the quality of the filter, water filtration, filtration volume determined. Usually they ask how much time the filter is available? How much water filter cartridge? In fact, this inquiry is the filter life. In fact, how much time or how much water to represent the filter life is extremely rigorous, scientific method of expression should refer to the number of filter treatment of pollutants. Once you start using the filter, the filters ability to deal with pollutants began to decline, until finally the ability to handle contaminants disappear, that is, to filter life. The use of the process cartridge is a decline in the processing capability of process contaminants, it can be said to be consuming process cartridge, with a long time need to be replaced. In fact, when the need to replace the filter water purifier, water purifier opportunity to send some signals to alert you if your home water purifier appear following cases, that is, water purification machines to remind you to replace the filter of the attention it! Signal 1: water purifier mechanism becomes small, (e.g., the same water temperature and pressure) under the same conditions, less water purification mechanism. It is likely to be blocked by the filter, such as a water purifier filter close to their life, then you need to give water purifier replacement filter. Signal 2: RO reverse osmosis water purification mechanism of water too fast, water occurs when water purifier significantly accelerated the phenomenon, this is generally because of damage caused by the RO membrane, then we have to replace a new RO membrane, or when the water purifier filter function completely lost, would adversely affect the human body. Signal 3: water purifier water taste worse, like this happens because too many impurities and bacterial water purifier cartridge filter, and accumulate in the filter at the time is too long, causing secondary pollution of tap water. Many dirt stick around I circle the filter element, which is also telling us that the need to replace the filter.

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