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   Recently, we often hear friends complain that their home water purifier installed inside a small amount of good, and sometimes not even the water. In recent days to find the next reason in the network, we put together a report on household water purifiers water and no water to reduce the causes and solutions.

   then the net household water purifiers and small water no water is caused by specific factors which it


   1:? The machine itself fault

   no matter what device, use a long time will have problems is very normal. Household water purifiers if blocked or dysfunctional interior fittings, interior fittings or other damage, etc. will directly affect the purification of the machine. Chit like muddy water, reducing water quality, or even no water is a very common thing.


   we use after six months, preferably 2-3 months on parts inside the machine to conduct an inspection and maintenance intervals, which is responsible for the health of our drinking water. And inspection and maintenance can extend the service life of the machine and internal parts. This ensures that the quantity and quality of the product.

   2: permeable membrane or filter failure

   Since the machine to be filtered through the filter purification and penetration film, so if these two parts are damaged or clogged can directly affect the amount of water. They are the most important part of the machine filter.


   Since the permeable membrane cartridge are used to limit or, preferably, after use, every 1-2 months for a cleaning product, or the permeable membrane cartridge interior contaminants and blockages cleared, ensure clean. When using the hair will not produce less water and water deterioration and other problems.

   3: Water also determines the amount of water in the household water purifiers

   When we use the water purifier, the water first contacts the water, the water is transported by the water. If water damage water leakage occurs, the water production machine will naturally be reduced, clogging pipes, then the machine naturally will not water.


   If the water damage, direct removal of damaged areas, if the damage is too large, a new direct replacement of water pipes. If the pipes get clogged, tools and water to get through inside, if the deposits are too many get through, then directly put on a new water pipe.

   4: booster pump failure

   The role of the booster pump is delivering water to purify the water purifier, and if the machine fails, the water can not enter the product, of course, not the water.


   to see the booster pump that place there is a problem, can repair to repair, not to replace the new products.

   Of course, a home water purifier or less water there is no more water for other reasons. No power like the power supply parts, product quality problems, and so on will affect the water quality and quantity. Due to the different users of the product are not the same, the problem encountered is ever-changing, which requires users to carefully excavated! I hope this can bring help to users.

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