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   Recently, the China Huaneng Xiajia Bo will be concurrent supporting activities 2017 China water purifier and air purifier industry, consumer white paper release ceremony and the "two net" line of science (Beijing Railway Station) launching ceremony held in Beijing. The launch released by the China Association for Quality Inspection initiated on the preparation of common joint Chinese Academy of household appliances, the PRC, authoritative data organization, the electricity supplier giant Suning Appliance, home furnishing home authoritative media Sina, Tencent homes and other institutions, "2017 China consumption of water industry White Paper. " White Paper, with the user to further enhance awareness of healthy drinking water, the proportion of the middle class continues to expand and accelerate business promotion, water purification equipment market is still one of the best category growth in 2017 appliance industry.

   in the first half of this year continued high growth market

   White Paper, in the home appliance market is relatively weak overall environment, water purification equipment market in the last three years to maintain rapid growth trend, mining companies competing to become gold. The PRC, according to estimates, the first half of 2017, retail sales of water purification equipment market was 6.52 million units, up 11.6%, retail sales of 16.6 billion yuan, an increase of 20.6%, with growth in the first half of the market last year.

   Given the current harsh environment of water, the water quality requirements residents increasingly high, the sub-category of water purification equipment, the best pure water filtration growth best accuracy, the expected tying pipeline machine also has a good market performance. The first half of 2017, retail sales of pure water to obtain a high growth rate of 32.5%, retail sales reached 12.6 billion yuan; pipeline machine retail sales growth rate reached 21.9%, reached 220 million yuan; In comparison, water purifier and drink straight growth outlook is not optimistic, in which a slight increase of 2.6% water purifier, direct drinking machine is down by 23.7% year on year.

   The white paper also pointed out that, from the water rate, product growth of large flux of outstanding. Pure water machine market next line, for example, the PRC monitoring data show that the first half of 2017, 50 gallons of pure water products still account for the mainstream market, retail accounted for more than 37.6%, but compared to last year dropped 12.4 percentage points ; 400, 500 gallons of product obvious heavy volume, retail sales accounted for more than 33.0%, 7.0% and 5.3%, respectively, to enhance 6.5,5.0 and 1.8 percentage points compared with the same period last year. Large differences in the median

   line wire

   From the point of view the distribution of price, water purification equipment online, offline Median quite different mainly because of structural differences product. The first half of 2017 the market price at 3653 yuan line, online market average price of 941 yuan, nearly four times the spread between the two. Market, higher prices of water for the line to occupy the market leading retail accounted for more than super-Qi Cheng, driving the overall price increase; online cheap water purifier market price is king, accounting for nearly Qi Cheng same proportion. With product upgrades tension, compared with the same period last year, online and offline market price have been enhanced, respectively, an increase of 10% and 13.6%.

   white paper found that as the user to further enhance awareness of healthy drinking water, as well as the middle class expanded lineup, water purifier market will gradually shift toward the partial lifting of the internal structure of the product under sustained strong external factors driving, which will 2017 to promote the development of the water purifier market. According to the PRC is estimated that in 2017 retail sales of water purification equipment market, retail sales will reach 13.39 million units, 33.6 billion yuan, an increase of 12.0%, 20.9%, water purification equipment market growth in 2017 is still the best appliance industry one category.

   to further enhance the health of the consumer awareness of water

   The white paper also shows that the Chinese and the PRC, home Sina, Tencent home jointly launched "2017 China water purifier brand and consumer satisfaction survey" Online survey found that consumer health consciousness further enhance the water. Currently has 87.0% of respondents believe that the need to purify tap water at home to drink again; 9.9% of the respondents feel that we can consider; only 3.1% of respondents saw no need. Thus, clean drinking water has become a required public.

   For consumers feel it necessary to install water purifiers this question survey, 90.6% of respondents believe that it is necessary to buy a water purifier, nearly 9.5% of the respondents saw no need to be seen respondents water purifier has a high consumer enthusiasm.

   how much consumers are willing to put healthy drinking water? Survey report 1,000 yuan to 3,999 yuan respondents are able to accept the price range, in which 23.1% of respondents would choose 1000 yuan ~ 1999 yuan price segment water purification products, 21.8% of respondents would choose 2000 yuan to 2999 yuan water purification products, 27.1% of respondents would choose 3000 yuan ~3999 yuan of water purification products.

   which product features consumers pay attention to when buying water purification products? Survey, consumers consider most of the top three factors are the life of the filter, volume size and after-sales service, options accounted for respectively 46 %, 40% and 38%. Secondly, in terms of product performance, easy to replace if the filter, whether to display the ease of water quality changes and leakage, leakage, safety and environmental performance whether provincial water consumers to buy water purification products has become a major consideration.

   In the case of consumer awareness in filtration technology, reverse osmosis water purification equipment is still the most popular products. Survey results show that 80.0% of consumers will choose products equipped with reverse osmosis water purification membrane filter technology, membrane filter selectivity was 7.3%, nanofiltration membrane selectivity was 5.5%.

   from the purchase channels of view, the survey showed, appliance stores, the electricity supplier, department stores, select stores accounted for 66.7%, respectively, 68.8%, 14.6% and 20.5%.

   What are the pain points

   in the presence of consumers use water purifier process? Survey, can not keep abreast of changes in water quality, the water is slow and filter issues were among the top three. Further, bulky and inconvenient to install, there are many problems such as selected respondents.

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