Siphon type pre-filter works and the advantagesnd disadvtage
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prefilter usually installed in the household tap water meter, for all the family play a role in pre-filtered water, the pipeline can family, leading, electrical wading protect, as home net before water filter, prolonged service life of the water purifier, a water purifier filter replacement cycle can be extended relatively.


siphon principle prefilter is a filter using external pressure, allowing water to permeate through the outer wall of the pipe from the water pressure to noxious particles inside the film holes, sand, rust, etc. trapped in the surface, let water through to complete the purification process.


siphon rinsing is the use of the pre-filter flush switch to open and let the water pressure is formed around the sub-filter, a built-in water distributor is more effectively remove dirt trapped on the filter impurities trapped in the film the surface of impurities tube is washed away by rain within a cut, a ratio laminated, cis - type prefilter much better rinsing effect.


shortcomings siphon-type pre-filter is the product structure is relatively complex, do not wash thoroughly, if water quality is poor or not timely clean-up of impurities can cause some impurities embedded even deeper in the filter in the filter clogging, cause secondary pollution, blocked cleaning and maintenance is very difficult, most production siphon filter precision products in more than 50 microns.




laminated prefilter


cis - type prefilter


backflush filter


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