New Year this year, not gifts received only water purifier
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浠婂勾杩囧勾涓嶆敹绀?鏀剁ぜ鍙敹鍑€姘村櫒 seeing soon the New Year, you still worried about what is old and what parents send people home?

to send anything this year? Send massage? Elderly will not use.


this year what to send? Health care? You dare to buy it?


to send anything this year? Eat and drink? New Year is never too much waste ah!


I tell you what to send!


New year this year, not gifts, gifts received only water purifier!




water is the source of life! a good water is not healthy protect it?

   think about it, a lot of elderly people live in the home and the old city, not because of poor living conditions, but the old people are not used to the hustle and bustle of the big city, in the old home are often drinking water river water is well water, water quality is very hard, and today industrial pollution may be worse now popular, old people physical fitness is weak. High hardness or prolonged drinking contaminated water is likely to increase the body burden, to human health caused great threat.

   peoples lives, but the most important is air, water, food, shelter. As water ranked second in the importance of self-evident, people will die three days without water, more than 65% of body weight is composed of water. If you have cited unclean water every day, very great harm to the bodys health.

   we can not work out often accompany old people, the New Year Ye Hao to take some nourishment, health care products worth mentioning, can not eat every day, the best method for body care not to take medicine, but the body itself on health. This time to buy a home water purifier to honor their parents and the elderly at home is better and better.

   No matter what gift to send there is always consumed in a day, can not afford too Jingui things! Too flashy things for children and old people will feel bad money! Send a water purifier, security health, practical life, and healthy life. Old people daily drinking sweet water, which I recall to send the baby! My heart will be satisfied. Every day for children who accompany every day, healthy life guard!

   what are you waiting?

   New Year this year, not gifts, gifts received only water purifier! Sigh health had not this has only care about forever!

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