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  Water purifier useful? For his is the best Author: Tim net water purification Views: 320 Published: 2018-10-23 17:21:45 long time, many people are debating the question: water purifier useful? Some people say that is useful, and some people say it is. Water purifier in the end there is no use of it? Clear Spring give you a most practical answer: water purifier Yes, of course. In fact, that did not use water purifiers people just will not use or use a bad sign. Water purifier brand, price, effectiveness and so is not the most important, the most important thing is to buy a water purifier to fit their own families. There is no water purifier with choice is the key to what is the reason, let the same there will be such a huge difference in water purifier products? Many consumers only know the water purifier to purify tap water effect, very few consumers know the water purifier is according to the requirements of water quality to choose, not simply to buy a home on the water purifier it. Into water purifier ultrafiltration, pure water, soft water, central unit, five categories of business machines, the different types of functions are somewhat different. Water quality in different regions, in order to go through when tested according to the water quality to choose water machine. General household machines are purchased ultrafiltration, pure water, soft water of these three types of water purification products, some of the following three brief water filter: ultrafiltration: Advantages: retain beneficial minerals in water, the large amount of water, the use of low cost; disadvantages: heavy metals can not be filtered, secondary pollution risks, no effect of soft water; suitable environment: heavy metal pollution of water is preferably small areas; pure water: advantages: direct drinking water can be impurities in the water removed rate of more than 96%, good taste, pure water sweet; disadvantages: less water production, wastewater discharge more than, filter life is short; the appropriate use of the environment: water pollution in heavily polluted areas; water softener: advantages: soften water, remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, to prevent fouling, belonging to domestic water; disadvantages: not get rid of impurities, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals in water; suitable environment: the north hard water, less contaminated areas; easy to see from the above choose water purification products are also luxurious. This is why some people spend money to buy a water purifier, but the results did not achieve the desired purification effect, the largest originalBecause there is no option for a water purifier. Consumers may wish to differences over several water machine to choose, to choose a suitable home water purifier can be "useful."

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