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   surface water is an important source of water for human life, it is also a major component of water resources in each country. So, manganese exceeded surface water causes it? And your look together!




surface water from the long years of natural precipitation and snow accumulation is made, and naturally drain into the ocean or disappeared by evaporation, and the flow to the ground. So, manganese exceeded surface water causes it? Here let Xiaobian to introduce it!


Why Surface water often manganese exceeded?


This is because the manganese low surface water, because of its strong stability and difficult to be naturally oxidized, poor mobility or reservoirs determines the oxygen content of such water is lower than the other surface of the water, so surface water (water reservoirs) showed mostly exceeded manganese, iron and generally not exceeded.


refers to surface water is present in the earths crust surface, exposed to the atmosphere of water, rivers, glacial general term, lakes, swamps four types of water bodies, also known as "land-water." Manganese exceeded the case of surface water in the water occurs primarily as a large reservoir to a water source. The causes and groundwater manganese exceeded the same, mostly geological pollution.


groundwater, surface water, while there are excessive manganese and iron exceeded, and there is initially in the form of low-cost, but since the contact surface and air, increasing the oxygen content of the water, and low-cost iron is readily oxide, ferric iron is oxidized to form the precipitate, where the surface water, precipitation of iron as generally being oxidized and natural flow of water; Low manganese and surface water, because of its strong stability, is not easily natural oxidation, water reservoir illiquid determines the oxygen content of such water is lower than the other surface of the water, so that most of the surface water exceeded the performance of manganese, and iron is generally not exceeded.


on the processing method, surface water and groundwater treatment manganese exceeded manganese exceeded a certain difference, which is mainly due to the presence of manganese in the form and quality of surface water and groundwater caused by different.


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