3M join hand in hand Xcel Energy Initiative RE100
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   Following this year 3M and Partners Xcel Energy Initiative after adding RE100 all new products into sustainable value commitment

   3M recently announced that CEO Mike Roman, a leading global diversified technology company 3M Innovation commitment in all its global factories and offices to achieve 100 percent renewable energy power, has taken the lead of its US headquarters fully operational.

   For this reason, 3M has become within the scope of the Xcel Energy Services (US West and Midwest 8 states) plans a hundred percent use of renewable energy power business in the largest one, which is located in Sao Paulo global headquarters occupies 409 acres, has about 12,000 employees, 30 buildings and laboratories.


   3M headquarters turned to 100% renewable electricity initiatives will enable the company Global Renewable Energy Power Purchase 5% increase in total around 30%, thus further help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2002, 3M Company of the absolute amount of greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 68%, while its revenue almost doubled.

   "3M pioneered a bold commitment to use 100% renewable energy, for which we greatly appreciate .Xcel Energy is proud to be working with 3M, because we also have the power of innovation and commitment to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment . "Chris Clark regional president Xcel energy said.

   100% commitment to the use of renewable energy power is part of 3M use of technology enabling sustainable climate strategy, the company hopes to achieve decarbonization industry through innovation, accelerate the resolution of global climate issues and further strengthen the environmental aspects of the company investment.

   2025, the company at least 50% of the power from renewable energy sources.

   As part of the global goals of the company, 3M will join RE100 initiative. This is a study by the Climate Group and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDO) co-sponsored Global Leadership Initiative, brings together many committed to using its global operations in 100% Corporate influential renewable energy power. 3M promise 100% renewable electricity, and has established a medium-term objectives, namely:

   "by adding RE100 initiative and turned on a global scale 100% use of renewable energy electricity, 3M is sustainable into their business growth strategy, both of which are complementary. "Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group, said," such a large manufacturing companies to use renewable energy, sustainable production of new terms to go all out, encouraging progress. I believe such a big brand like 3M can have a positive impact on other companies and customers and to accelerate the global shift to clean energy use. "

   as a productive thousands of diverse product category diversified technology company, 3M is committed to accelerate the global use of renewable energy power and progress of the whole transparent sharing.

   for decades, 3M has been a leader in sustainable development practice. in 1975, 3M began to implement the "pollution control investment projects", a total cumulative reduction of more than 50 billion pounds of air, water and waste emissions, and savings of $ 2.2 billion; and sustainable development of 3Ms 2025 target also cover water resources, climate and energy goals to this end, 3M company has for 19 years appeared in the "Dow Jones list of sustainable development"

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