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"is a water purifier consumer literacy is not enough, a trade order is more chaotic, it is the largest water purification industry two questions," the general manager of the US electrical life of domestic marketing, said Ma Gang "If you have to ask these two questions which most, I think it is the consumers literacy doing a good job."


in the April 28 interview, Ma Gang expressed carefully worded so.


in the horse just seems that, although the market is reflected in the growth rate, the water purification industry in recent years showing a thriving momentum, but this "multi prompted by frequent water pollution caused by short awakened" It is not the result of the popularity of water purifiers. In several occasions, as the person in charge of water purification industry leader, Ma Gang has repeatedly stressed that "water purifier should be the product of family life just to be, it should be more important than any other home appliances."


popularity, popularity or the popularity of


as a triangle first phalanx, the US marketing campaign around water purifiers are basically large array of "universal" to start.


In January, the US water purification technique with Jiangsu TV, "a stand in the end" column, launched a nationwide "free 30-day trial, without a net is back promotional activities. The first time in March, the United States teamed up again with Jingdong Mall, in the April 28 launch of "water security concern" Water Cube in Beijing, "30 days without a net is back", "community water purifier free experience" and "people mad Like "a total of four major activities. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the United States spend millions of the nations first TDS water quality on-line query system is also applied.


on the water purifier festival, the United States promised to provide free on-site detection of water services, local authorities and joint water quality testing organizations regularly publish water quality reports. To reduce the cost of entry for consumers, the United States launched a joint Jingdong "30 days without a net is back activities, consumers are not satisfied with 30 days unconditional no reason to return. The activity since the beginning of January this year, has attracted tens of thousands of users signed up. In addition the United States will also complimentary water purifier 1000 to the National Office of the streets, the United States and Jingdong country will accept registration online.


As another event organizers, vice president of Jingdong Mall Yan Xiaobing said: Jingdong beauty will launch people mad praise "campaign, the United States provided 10,000 water purifier to help filter out heavy metals Jingdong gold membership, priced at only 1998 yuan for consumers to give praise and Sai single, Jingdong will again subsidize 1000 yuan. According to statistics, China-based water purification festival times, the United States and Jingdong has invested over 20 million yuan.


An industry source said, the law of industrial development, the current water purification industry, although growth year after year, but strictly speaking, also on the eve of the rapid growth phase. Electrical life in the United States make great efforts to popularize the field of water purification, in line with industry characteristics of this phase.


and from the means universal point of view, the US water purification water purifier and marketing efforts to popularize rub together to free, trial offers, and mobilize consumers to single sun, thumbs up, etc., no doubt It is the most practical way.


left-hand goods, the right service


In the United States water purification industry has been hard for 13 years. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China Industrial Information Center data show that as of 2013, the United States has for six consecutive years purifier sales ahead. On the one hand, while grasping the service, which the United States is the key to success lies.


According to the US electrical life of domestic marketing division general manager of Ma Gang, the United States established the most authoritative quality testing room, quality of research, starting in 2006, to join South Korea starting point clear water industry giants Lake NAIS Co., Ltd., the international standard based on the actual situation in China, once again to upgrade and enhance the water purifier and the formation of its three core strengths:


first, independent research and professional filter, only for China water quality. Second, household expertise only for China, for the Chinese is very poor drinking water quality problems, the United States developed a long-term dust filter, water production and service life greatly improved, newly invented filter life can be up 32 months. Third, the professional design, only for the Chinese kitchen. Filter structure using a relatively small horizontal structure, the majority of Chinese people live a relatively small area, in a residential area is relatively small, the kitchen area of 鈥嬧€媡he Chinese people smaller. In product design, it is compact, easy to install. In 2014, the United States launched a subversive energy water purifier core technology, the filter that is ready to drink fresh water storage, no more tank design also saves space in the kitchen.


different from the refrigerator, washing machine, television, water purification products very high requirements to the service. Not long ago, China Household Electrical Appliances Association commissioned the firstFindings of the three parties, as many as 32.7% of the users of the service given to water purification products in general, are not satisfied or dissatisfied negative evaluation, 83.6% of consumers want companies to improve door replacement business, while consumer and extended warranty free checking also put forward higher requirements, mainly service system is not perfect, water purifiers to routine maintenance, maintenance, replacement of consumables. This is also a big drag on growth in the water purification industry ills. In this regard, the United States and China also established the most comprehensive service system water purifier, powerful IT systems, improve call center, 3000 service outlets and 6,000 service personnel to provide the most attentive service to consumers. Basically solved the problem.


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