[Inventory] 2017 China water purifier industry data analysis
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   China water purifier market has been made as one of the most promising markets, although a variety of ways statistics vary but are generally the reaction scale development of water purification market. Water purifier and water purifier industry market research analysis report shows that water purifier market has developed for decades, a huge space for future development, who can discern the pattern of the lead, who are eligible aspirations to the world. China water purifier Network (www.jsq001.com) for 2017, the water purification industry, heavy launched the "2017 China water purifier industry data analysis report", multi-angle analysis of changes in the water purification industry information on all aspects of data and trends, as people want to know the water purification industry in the specified direction, but also healthy living water purifier to provide data for consumers to consider!

   First, the Chinese Internet search for water purification industry index


   1 overall trend


2017 China water purifier industry Internet index as a whole trend

   analysis: water purification industry overall upward trend in January, March, June, there have been several peaks in November, February to November, the overall amount of attention remained stable, but the overall trend from the first half of the term form or unstable, volatile. Reflecting the water purification industry still has many problems to be solved Cheng, industry rules has not improved, despite a moment of madness growth, but still can not be sustained and stable growth of perennial.

   2, the average trend

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2017 China water purifier industry trend of the average of the major Internet search comparison chart


Analysis: The past five years, water purification The overall trend is the average of the major trends in the Internet is growing, in the form of a brighter and larger increase. Data show that the trend is relatively stable PC, mobile substantial growth trend, decline in 17 years, the gap between mobile terminal and PC at the end of each year to pull large, indicating that the user search habits to change the traditional reliance on the mobile side is growing.

   3, micro-channel development of new media analysis


April 2017 - the end of May National water purification industry platform for micro-channel read data quantity

   Analysis: water purification an industry platform (micro signal: wwwjsq001com) is the water purification industry certification authority of micro-channel account, Xiao Bian select water purification industry source platform for analysis. Because the amount of reading micro-channel viewSelection time limit, we selected four Month - May by reference, may be derived from the micro-channel FIG READ undulating peaks and obviously, in general + 2k, the overall trend fluctuations, it is easy to see the water purifier micro channel platform much public favor.

   Second, Chinas water purification industry internet news index

   1, the annual amount of water purifier Internet news included

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2017 China water purifier industry Baidu News monitoring Figure

   analysis: Water purification industry news included the amount of pre relatively depressed, but late in the second half of the year 17 obviously a substantial improvement in form has improved, the highest value can reach 20 million. But the trend included unstable, relatively large fluctuations between the highest and lowest values, indicating that the water purification industry still lacks a stable development of the law. In November, during the collection of trend-intensive, form better. Show water purification industry is unstable, there is no perfect amount included in accordance with the rules, just as the market trend away.

   three: water purification industry keywords contrast

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2017 "water purifiers, water purifiers to join, household water purifiers, water purifiers top ten brands" index profile FIG.

   analysis: purifier joined integrally growth of 7%, a water purifier moving ring 5% increase year, 18% water purifier joined search an index, increasing water purifier filter 26 moves up the search index % overall increased considerably, showing that people join and attention purifier filter water purifier high regard, the market has great development space.

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