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water pollution problem is exacerbated by further stimulating the water purifier market


In recent years, exacerbated the problem of water pollution further reminders hot water purification market, while present, Chinas water industry product penetration is only 2 %. Chen Gang, deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said water purification market has great potential, household water purifiers will yield a 45% annual growth rate, my countrys household water purification industry will enter a golden period of rapid development.

   water compliance rate is not high

   people rely on groundwater contaminated drinking water will inevitably be affected.

   water purifier market heating up is no accident, more and more severe drinking problem stimulate peoples nerves. China Household Electrical Appliances Association released the "Chinas first water treatment products consumer research report," the data show that only 25% of users expressed satisfaction with the urban consumers at home tap water, 49.6% of users are worried unclean drinking water, poor water quality, to home running water, there are questions.

   "water quality is getting worse." China Disease Prevention and Control Center for Environmental Health and Related Product Safety E Miller researcher pointed out that in recent years, Chinas water pollution incidents affects everyones heart, including aniline spill, cadmium, phenol pollution incidents and heavy metal pollution, "people can not help asking whether we drink a cup of water."

   data show that groundwater pollution in North China are mainly three kinds of nitrogen exceeded, excessive heavy metals, organic pollutants exceeded, and infiltration of surface water contamination is an important cause of groundwater contamination. According to World Health Organization statistics, 80% of human diseases are caused by drinking contaminated water caused.

   aspects of water supply from the water plant, the situation is not optimistic. Recently, on water quality is poor, or smell, or significant turbidity reports from time to time seen in the media. 2009 Department of Housing and Urban water quality monitoring center organized a nationwide census of 4457 the town water plant, where the city waterworks factory water quality compliance rate was 58.2% in 2011, waterworks factory water quality compliance rate of 83%, the data in the community on caused a great sensation. For this result, most of the old town water system, reaching the tap water flowing through the tubes from the net net, quality compliance rate will be reduced by about 10%. In addition, due to the municipal water and out of touch, some of the first to enter the building roof water tank, this can easily produce secondary water supplyRaw red worms (that is, the mosquito eggs to hatch tank bugs), which will have an impact on water quality.

   experiences of developed countries, to solve Chinas water environment may take more than 30 years. And professor at Tsinghua University Zhansheng are more pessimistic, he believes, it may take 50 to 100 years.

   "There is increasing demand for health, water purification appliance industry came into being." Said Chen Gang, a qualified water purification products are increasingly becoming water quality terminal security solution the best choice.

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