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   2014 industry market reached $ 9.7 billion in 2015-- continued to rise in 2016, water purifier market can be described as growing. Orville cloud network predicts that by 2018 water purifier market will reach 32.9 billion yuan, an increase rate of more than 15%. Then the water purifier market prospects will be how it?

   A detailed analysis of the market prospects water purifier that currently, water pollution is still serious, adverse 80% of global disease related with drinking water quality, global child deaths in half the cases and unclean drinking water related. Many consumer awareness of healthy drinking water has improved, 25% of consumers believe now polluted drinking water, 67% of consumers believe there is a certain degree of pollution.

   In addition, the water industry standards frequently published, for consumers to buy water purification products escort, also indirectly contributed to the standardization of the industry reshuffle. 2017 horizontal comparison on each appliance category, although the Chinese home appliance market has entered a complex stage of differentiation, but the water purifier as the representative of the health class appliances market performance strong. According to Ovid cloud network, water purifier market in 2017 sales of 270 billion yuan, up 32.9%, water purifier market growth is considerable, will still remain high in the short term.


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   "water appliances" has become a very high penetration of home in a foreign country will spare parts. Statistics show that water purifier penetration rate in developed countries is generally more than 80%, and the annual growth rate of 10-15%. Among them, the US water purifier penetration rate reached 90%, Europe 90%, Japan 80%, Korea 95%.

   Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries like China, economic development caused by industrial, agricultural and domestic waste pollution of water sources and groundwater. While the developed countries adopt a higher standard of tap water, but water pollution is such that water quality continues to drop. According to the World Health Organization reported that there was tap water containing harmful reached 756 kinds, of which 20 kinds of carcinogenic confirmed, 24 kinds of suspected carcinogen, 18 kinds of cancer-promoting aid, 47 kinds of mutagens, and these organic chlorine antivirus and other traditional process is not effectively removed. Long-term consumption of contaminated water, leading to poor physical fitness, natural immunity weakened, slowly get kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, Leukemia, cancer and so on.

   Thus, in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries, drinking water pipes have been widely realized, even though water quality has been very good, but still like the water purifier TV and fridge, became family necessary facilities. Household water purifiers in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea have reached a penetration rate of over 70 percent and still rising state.

   future water purifier market is moving in a new direction. With rising production costs will eventually be reflected in the price of the end product, upgrading to buy expensive new push is an inevitable trend of the future business development of water purification. In addition, intensive cultivation is very important, a comprehensive two-child policy in 2017 beginning to show results, 2017--2019 years or less will occur once the baby boom, which will be directly contributing to increase maternal and child home appliances consumer demand. Research has shown that consumer demand point of interest is still mainly children, 63.7% of consumers believe home with children, the need to protect childrens health, water purifier manufacturers can take advantage of two-child policy led to maternal and child market segment seek new markets opportunity.

   of the terminal building scene, the story of marketing in order to improve the consumer experience and interaction. More and more household appliances enterprises started to play "experience" card, hoping to experience the advantages of the store to attract customers, "Scene marketing" has become a new selling point, water companies can learn from the successful experience of other home appliances category marketing case. In the case of weak water purification category of background knowledge, consumers will go to the store consultation as the preferred way to understand the product, the line experience is very important. Water purifiers of drinking water relating to peoples health, so the user experience is good or bad water purification products can become an important reason for consumers to obtain, water companies should put user experience first, using a variety of ways to say good story allow consumers a better understanding of water purifier, of which the best example is the marketing side of the story too.

   whole house water purification systems, home security to meet the water demand in 2018 may be more popular. Sharing water purifier standardized management mode will enter the stage, China Association for Quality Inspection has developed standards on shared water purification machines, some have been implemented, some have been approved by experts, being the thickest approval process. Such standards represent a model of shared water purification will develop in a healthy direction.

   in 2018 for the brutal growing water purifier industry, destined to be a change of years. Water industrys first mandatory standard "antiOsmotic water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit "(hereinafter referred to as" the new national standard ") has been recently released, and will be formally implemented since 2018. Experts said the new national standard baked compulsory means that the state will regulate the production of water purification market constraints Forced water purification technology innovation, the next 2--3 years will accelerate the industry reshuffle.

   State Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission issued a new national standard, to implement the most stringent water management system, water use efficiency red line drawn strictly controlled, and will be held in November 2018 began. After the new national standard, where the net rate of less than 35% water aquaculture of RO reverse osmosis water purification, it can be regarded as defective products, the new national standard efficiency by setting the limit value of the water to eliminate those high water inferior products.

   In fact, in the water purification industry, there are companies committed to innovation and have success. For example: Haier launched film products HE-RO, done in ensuring the safety of the water quality does not change the premise of the film for six years; AO Smith introduced MAX5.0 extend long-term reverse osmosis filter to five years of life, water output rate increased 1.5 times; smart water-saving anti-fouling system Beverly water purifier using, so that the product has ultra-high rates of water outside can not fouling. In addition, the development of artificial intelligence, networking and other cutting-edge technology, but also to upgrade water purification manufacturers provide a new direction and opportunity.

   A detailed analysis of the market prospects water purifier that is noteworthy that, despite the explosive growth of the water industry in recent years, but the number of brands have entered the blowout period, according to incomplete statistics, the domestic net The amount of water is as much as the brand has more than five thousand, making the industry chaos. Since the barriers to entry are generally not high, it has attracted a large number of investors to follow suit to join. Industry trend increasingly impetuous, leading to water purification product quality varies greatly. This is also one of the major bottlenecks in the rapid development of my countrys water purifier market. The above is the author of a detailed analysis of the water purifier market prospects.

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