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  In recent years, water purifier market can be very hot, touted by many consumers. The reason, on the one hand is the frequent outbreaks of water pollution, groundwater and tap water sources contaminated, mostly by family drinking bottled water, bottled water, and after a series of incidents reported, bottled water market share has slipped a step by step ; on the other hand with the improvement of the level of consumption, quality of life becomes a pursuit; household water purifiers water as an emerging small appliances recognized by consumers, home appliances become an integral part of the purchase list, slowly toward the common people among the families.

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   household water purifiers for its convenient, fast, healthy and so attracted the attention of the majority of residential customers, bringing China water purifier market is slowly picking up, by the industry as a whole to the early development period. The core part is the water purifier filter water purifiers, water purifiers to choose from in fact fundamentally is in the selection of water purification filters, filter selection is based on local water quality and related uses to decide, but each local water quality It is not the same. From the overall situation, the water quality in the northern region of rigid, high content of calcium and magnesium ions, chlorine, heavy metals more serious problems in the south. In order to better enable consumers to buy their own water purifier, water purifier manufacturers Vishay Dayton developed a variety of products according to different water quality problems.

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