Spring water and air dried to be notefive questions

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   spring air is dry and the wind is relatively large, life time to add water to people Especially important for health. Walter remind you that spring to replenish moisture, but also pay attention to the following issues:

   1, the difference in the spring body and external environment require frequent replenishment


   in the spring outdoor activities, spring breeze was blowing at the same time will take away a lot of water, the body needs sufficient water to avoid drying the skin and mucous membranes and prevent bacteria and viruses enter the body.

   2, then do not wait until thirsty water

   showed that human cells thirst dehydration to a certain extent, the brain has signaled the central request additional moisture. Balance water body can often beneficial to maintain the bodys physiological functions and metabolism.

   3, do not drink water was replaced with

   Most of beverages containing some sugar, electrolytes, etc., these substances did not boiled quickly leaves the stomach, the stomach will drinking negative stimulus, while It will increase the burden on the kidneys filter and affect its function.

   4, then the best conditions for drinking water through the water purification filter

   The filtered water purifier capable of various harmful substances, the effective protection of healthy families. So Qualified families can be installed in the home water purifier, filter impurities in the water.

   5, pay attention to good water purifier maintenance and repair

   water purifier maintenance, maintenance technicians remind you: spring water purification machines also need maintenance and repair, water purifier general 3 to 6 months need cleaning, maintenance time and attention to the timely replacement of filters.

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