Water purifier entprises themselves do subtraction problemex

   In 2015, after the economic downward pressure on home water purifier industry market environment continues to deteriorate in, let Merchants water purifier manufacturers faced a difficult problem. Too much emphasis on immediate water purifier manufacturers will not have a future, only long-term vision and foresight of the water purifier manufacturers to enduring incense. And the choice to do water purifier brand Agent, also be sure to choose those that have a far-sighted. Poor management of water purifier manufacturers have closed down, and blamed the downturn in the larger environment. In fact, water purifier manufacturers own problems is caused by "closures" storm culprit.




their own water purifier to do subtraction problems exist before development is very important (picture from the Internet)

   water purification industry itself problematic

   home water purifier manufacturers closed down, their own problems, many of them have a very serious problem - too much emphasis on immediate interests. With the prevalence of money worship of the market, a lot of water purifier manufacturers are now more and more utilitarian, on the road to development interests first, there is little water purifier manufacturers to pay attention to the real sector of public welfare and social responsibility, even if there is water purifier manufacturers do public projects, but most cases are just doing superficial, win gimmick. And In addition, some water purifier manufacturers in order to make money, profit squeeze upstream suppliers, downstream pressure agent franchisees, even 鎵胯涓嶅厬鐜? and some water purifier manufacturers are content with the lack of sense of urgency. What is more cutting corners, doing big marketing activities will deceive consumers.

   In fact, water purifier manufacturers need to look long-term, not only to make money, but also to think about how to spend money, such as employee benefits, agents franchisee support, charity, etc., which are not paid Peibenshengyi is the value for the brand.

   It is important to do subtraction

   well-known brand of water purifier Falan Ni precisely because well, "subtraction" only todays water purifiers top ten brands ranked the top position. Falan Ni water purifier never immediate value, but for the long-term development of the enterprise. Falan Ni water purifier manufacturers have been focusing on technological innovation, and investment in corporate culture and brand marketing investment, social responsibility and continue to enhance employee benefits, strengthen water purification agents franchisee support. Falan Ni how about? Reputation in the industry. Investors can join the water purifier manufacturers to some site visits, to see whether Falan Ni as the industryThats so good. True gold fears no fire to refining, Falan Ni water purifier look forward to your visit.

   In short, the external conditions of development of things change, the fundamental reason is the development of internal things change, which is the so-called days of sin still to live, human actions can not. When the water purifier manufacturers run into trouble, not blindly blame the external environment, but to a lot of self-examination to find the cause from within. Do you pay attention to support business? Are you really care about your employees? Do you pay attention to personnel training? Are you really pay attention to improve product quality? Are you always love of money?

   companies should solve their own problems, not just a profit for the purpose of the development process from simple to complicated, do subtraction, traveling light.

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