The bigger the family, -thief stealing electricity-, but als

  The bigger the family, "thief stealing electricity", but also air-conditioning power consumption than doubled publish website: Published: 2018-11-15 this day and age, living conditions at home significantly improved, and each family the appliance is also more and more, some time ago, greatly accelerates time to pay the electric bill and was told to pay 300 yuan, then it is fall, there is no air conditioning, how would there be so much electricity it? Very puzzled, when that power is home refrigerator, put it to pull, but still the second month to 200 yuan it? This is how it happened? I, like many people, feel at home should be the maximum power consumption refrigerators and air conditioning, but in fact not the case, Xiao Bian gave you today to share with you, the biggest home "thief stealing electricity" than the refrigerator , air conditioning, slurp, more than double the monthly electricity bill. It is a water dispenser and electric water heaters, now comes the winter, so the family drinking fountains started to work, because I wanted a hot drink at any time, so the water dispenser has been in a heated state, and bathing in winter also higher than usual temperatures , the temperature increases, so will increase the power of more expensive electricity, and small series of home water heater is never shut, fear and sometimes forgot to turn, to have a hot shower when the wash. But winter the temperature is relatively low, so the temperature will quickly drop, whether drinking or electric water heater, this time they will automatically resume heating mode, this will work repeatedly, thus consume more electricity. So, if drinking 24 hours uninterrupted power, then its time to one-third of a day in a holding state, as well as two-thirds of the time is in full working condition heating power, so doing a day we must use the power of 4-5 degrees, then a month from about 150 degrees with electricity a year is more than 1,800 degrees, is not it more than double than usual? There are electric water heater that is the same reason. Therefore, small series to recommend: If during the day or at night without water for a long time, we must turn off the power, preferably unplugged, so as to avoid unnecessary power consumption. There is when we buy drinking fountains, drinking fountains and select the appropriate corresponding power of families, if a family member is relatively small, then choose low-power, which can reduce power consumption. Electric heaters it? The best is in front of two hours to open the shower, or when we came home from get off work and then open, soIt will not consume more electricity. The biggest home "thief stealing electricity" than even the refrigerator power consumption, more than double the monthly electricity bill. After reading these, readers and friends all know how to do it? What do you think more power, welcome to leave a message in the comment section below.

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