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   HC Network with clean water , water purifiers to every family, but many residents ignored the problem of replacing the water filter cartridge. Professionals advise: water purifier filter should be replaced.

   Nanyang appliances World service manager told reporters that the filter can intercept impurities in the water, harmful bacteria, home water purifier filter must be changed regularly, otherwise the long-term impurities attached to the filter, the cartridge filter impurities in the water decreased performance, or even cause secondary pollution of water.

   DETAILED water purifier filter change time and the related filter material. When the system of water purifiers appear significantly smaller, the water too fast, taste worse time, be sure to check and replace the filter. Specifically, (e.g., the same water temperature and pressure) under the same conditions, the water purifier system is reduced, it is likely to be blocked filter. Water purifiers water significantly accelerated, since RO membranes are generally caused damage, then must be replaced with new RO membrane. Water purifiers water taste worse, because too many impurities and bacterial filter to filter, accumulate in the filter at a time is too long, causing secondary pollution of water, a lot of dirt stuck in the circle around the filter port, then need to replace the filter .


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