Water purification Agent how to do bigger the market

   nowadays can be described as a water purifier to join the favorite, there is a saying that there are ten study programs are considered eight water purification agents to join, water purifier high profits and prospects for the industry to get the favor of many investors, However, due to the impact of factors such as the spending power of the region, not all water purifiers to join can be done overnight. Then the water purifier Agent how to do bigger the market-depth analysis of the following:?


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   1, market survey, a clear understanding of positioning

   our country the vast pieces of land, different regions will have a big difference in terms of water quality, water purification agents therefore franchisee to conduct market research on local water quality, consumption levels, peoples health awareness. Not blindly introduce the product, leading to functional requirements, price positioning does not meet the needs of local conditions, we will ultimately end up with no one to patronize end.

   2, channel development can not take the old road

   agent sales channels is often the most passive part of the franchisee, sit back and wait marketing is outdated, want to break through the traditional sales model on the appliance industry have not the same way, companies can be summed up several new sales channels based on their years of marketing experience, including: large household appliances stationed in shopping malls, supermarkets engage in cooperative promotional displays, cell cooperative stall promotions, find the relevant appliances and building materials, home improvement channel sales , find distributors and so on, of course, also need to open up these channels is a skill, big brand water purifier enterprises are professional marketing manager will be assigned after the agency to build stores, on-site assistance and development, skills training.


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   3, to be precise way of branding

   China has nearly 5000 water purifier brand, if there is no strong promotional tool, it is very difficult to brand play out. Furthermore, consumer understanding of water purifier is still relatively small, so the water purifier should promote community activities through the integration of drinking water safety knowledge and promotional activities to explain, field trials, free tasting and other forms of communication can be precise interaction of the other advertising design in the form of color pages, graphics, video and other content also need to carry drinking water science knowledge, belong to the soft marketing.

   4, the marketing team building to diversify

   marketing team and a professional team building partner channels such fragmented "salesman" can be divided according to the strength of the agents. Professional groupNeedless to say the team would rather fragmented type include super Purchasing Guide, bottled water hydrotechnic, metal building owner, residential property and other resources that can help you sell all of the benefits of building this team is that it can be directly to reach potential customers and potential customers to the brand reputation and delivery can improve the conversion rate of potential customers to achieve the ultimate purpose of sale.

   water purifier Agent How can we do bigger market? In fact, the right direction is more manufacturers and agents franchisees must work together, in order to win-win combination.

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