Water purification areas of concern of the United Ss reached

   Recently, the global strategic investment conference held in Shanghai International Exhibition on Water, the United States released the results of a water purifier G400 cooperation with the US company GE, to attack commercial water purification field. It is understood that the United States belong to high-end water purifier water purification product than the latest series of Beverly, not only with 400-gallon throughput speed filter, waste water ratio as low as 2: 1, and because the core of the end use of UV disinfection technology, antibacterial rate 99.9%.

   insiders, commercial water purification field is an important part of the water purifier market in recent years, more and more attention in the field of home appliances business, because it is almost covered, including office buildings, canteen catering All, hotels, hospitals, airports and other public places, the market prospects are very bright. About the report predicts that by 2020, my countrys commercial water purification market size of up to 128 billion yuan.

   In addition, the United States also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the clean water source, jointly launched OWPURE double high and low pressure RO + DF film. Clean water source is the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone of high-tech enterprises, the main membrane technology, with the whole industry chain membrane technology (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis) completely independent intellectual property rights, China is also the only one set of membrane materials research and development , film manufacturing equipment, membrane technology is applied to one of the enterprises.

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