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  With water purifier investment agency to join the investment are booming, more and more investors to participate in water purifiers come in, water purifier brands are more and more participation in the water purifier investment agency project, due to the net water is low barriers to entry, high profits, many unscrupulous businessmen mixed in to water purifier investment for the purpose of misappropriating money to cover, so many unknown truth of the water purifier investors suffered losses, water purifier investment in 2016 Acting on how to avoid the risk? per liter water purifier today to share with you how to see through some of the common misconceptions knowledge purifier investment agency. 鍏冨崌鍑€姘村櫒锛氬噣姘村櫒鎷涘晢浠g悊鍔犵洘濡備綍璇嗙牬闄烽槺 water purifier investment agency policy Bluff, many unscrupulous businesses in order to make the first batch of water purification agents 8-10 million raised money, verbally committed to a variety of supportive policies when water purifier investment, anyway, is the franchisee wants What support, the manufacturers promised to support what, until the franchisee to mention the finished goods to betray, to support the implementation of the policy in place, or even phone calls hang up the case, the situation at the present moment is relatively small, but for many new investors still need to take precautions.

   to see through the tricks: Terms for this trap, water purifier investment investors should be long in mind, at the time of the cooperation agreement will support policies written in, as according to the late activist. Of course, choosing a reputation and visibility, collaboration reputable water purifier manufacturer more easily avoid this risk.



   a small workshop in the form of blowing factory-scale manufacturers, water purifier unlimited potential market has attracted many businesses to enter the market in recent years, water purifier manufacturers have sprung up, when now the water purifier market has exceeded more than three thousand large and small, but most of them are small workshop production enterprises, these manufacturers do not produce their own strength, mostly looking for other manufacturers to do OEM OEM, is difficult to guarantee the quality of products , sale and would not be able to keep up! but in order to better investment, these manufacturers often advocated scale manufacturers, entrepreneurs do not want to plant inspection.

   this document without wading certificate, although many current water purifier manufacturers, but many of them are not obtained approval documents wading manufacturers, product quality is difficult to be guaranteed, and there is no wading is not allowed in the documents relating to the product sold on the market, once they are found not only to confiscate goods and Industry Bureau, also face fines, some unscrupulous businesses will be made wading fake certificates and other documents of approval to flicker entrepreneurs.

   Thus, in the water purifier investment agency Join extremely strong at the same time, agents shouldKeep their eyes open, select the appropriate their regular water purifier brand, many visits, many compare.

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