Water purification industry challenges and opportunities com

   Although the water purifier market outlook, but challenges also exist. The adjustment of product structure, changes in distribution channels as well as changes in consumer demand, etc., are required in the various water purifier companies need to improvise and innovate.




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   upgrading of product structure: innovation as a key to competitiveness

   [ 123] enter 2016, Chinas home appliance industry suffered a lack of effective demand, the market slowdown enormous pressure, part of the production of home appliances category sales decline year on year, compared with the water purifier market in general also maintained good growth, water purifier market in the first six months to achieve rapid growth.

   data show that from January this year - in June, overall retail volume of my country water purifier market was 24.33 million units, up 30.11 percent from a year earlier, retail sales scale of 418 billion yuan, up 27.14 percent. While growth in the overall size of the water purifier has also continued to adjust product mix, consumers in the process of buying a water purifier, product quality, attention filtration technology, intelligent operation, appearance and other factors more high. Upgrade of consumer demand, on the one hand to provide water purification industry a broader space for development, but also in Forced manufacturers to accelerate the pace of product development and technological innovation, to launch products more in line with consumer demand.

   Channel change: Three four, the rural market has tremendous potential

   to change the channel of the same water purification industry provides room for further expansion. Brand Center in the PRC, general manager left the extension magpie seems, the water purification industry in 34 markets and rural market still has great market potential, water purification industry prospects worth the wait, there is still huge growth over the next few years space.

   the relevant data, said Per 100 Urban amount of water purifier in late 2015 when Taiwan had reached 17, but in the first half of 2016, the national water purifier has a PER 100 only for the amount of 8, indicating that the water purifier penetration rate is still very low in rural areas, water purifier manufacturers remains to be further developed.

   of the water purification industry, electricity providers and now is a channel can not be ignored. According to statistics, from January to June, online water purifier reached 5 billionYuan, an increase of 59.3%. Water purifier in the rapid growth of the electricity supplier channels, so manufacturers will not give any one online competition for the market. While in line at the market precision farming, water purifier enterprises should also continue to strengthen the line, full respect icebreaker through the channel innovation, the implementation of the rapid growth of sales and scale. (Source: China Water Purifier Network)

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