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  Water purifier franchisees need to cultivate brand loyalty of users: Tim net water purifier Views: 548 Published: 2016-12-16 10:13:35 develop good products and after-sales service reputation, is a tough worthwhile thing. In order to get a good reputation, water purifiers franchisee may have to pay more effort, but once laid a good reputation, consumers can get a pass to ten, hundred good results. 鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘鍟嗛渶瑕佸煿鍏荤敤鎴风殑鍝佺墝蹇犺瘹搴鍑€姘村櫒鍔犵洘 For a terminal to join purification agents, the fast selling products is the direction they have been pursued. However, in todays market, whether online or offline, if consumers can make their own brands and services spread autonomously, buy and recommend, it is the dream of many agents franchisees. As a new product water purifier hope in a short time has won the trust of consumers, we must also need word of mouth marketing and promotion of products to lay a brand loyalty. First, the word of mouth publicity to promote the market was said that word of mouth is not that you take to the streets to send some flyers? At most, a few more times right activities, and what is difficult to do? But when you see walking down the street all the time leaflets sent out most of the ground lost in the trash or whether you thought this is why? plainly not a consumer would really care about your product itself, they are more concerned with the value of the product can provide, can to solve any problem, you see this event if I can get a small gift, and so on. If we really want to do word of mouth publicity must be allowed to speak for loyal consumers, will focus on the publicity gathered positive feedback for their product experience, this will be surprising effect. Because people are more willing to believe that ordinary people use feeling, believe that the recommendation of friends and family around, nothing is more deeply rooted than close endorsement of life, the only way of word of mouth marketing can only be targeted, the right remedy, achieve a great multiplier effect. Second, cultivate brand loyal customers in the 21st century, "the customer is God" concept more and more prominent its value. According to relevant survey showed that factors influencing purchasing behavior of potential customers, the positive evaluation of up to 90% the proportion of brands, buying behavior process with a strong emotional factors. In order to achieve the best propagation effects, as much as possible to reach more customers, social media is a natural choice. Whether large or small businessesSocial media allows you to brand communication has become so simple. Weibo, the circle of friends once again a positive thumbs up, comment, forward, to make your brand value of rapid fermentation, growth, and therefore train the brain residual powder in the social media environment is most likely to succeed. Third, the consumer experience, real feelings as water purification agents to join us, to know whether our products and services to meet the needs of todays market and consumers, the best way is to let the consumer experience. With the rise of the consumer experience, more and more of water purification agents franchisees have experience consumption into the daily work. Consumer experience, as the name suggests is a kind of new consumption patterns, use of goods through direct experience feelings, to lead the new consumer goods. This consumption pattern is marketing innovation, has been widely welcomed by consumers. Experience consumption allows consumers to really feel the authenticity of the products and services, the products and services generate a sense of trust and a sense of recognition, lay the foundation for the next step of word of mouth marketing strategy. As the saying goes "Gold silver cup as word of mouth", the market today is not only the word of mouth marketing is especially important for agents to join it in, it is more important for brands and manufacturers, water purifier. Must not covet a small profit Banded do business, the most important asset is the customer, the customers true feelings positive assessment is the best marketing!

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