Water purification agents wanted to join a look

   Many people say that water purifier is the appliance industry last piece of cake, so to attract a lot of people, I think not just for this reason, it is accompanied by a water purifier high interest rates, the name of environmental protection industry can be popular with consumers . These are enough to attract capitalists and agents franchisees.



   However, the water purification industry really so good to do it? Why become agents will be able to make money? The answer is not good to do water purifier, though high interest rates scary I do not understand it but do not know do not want to scare also high. Water purifier is not an ordinary home appliances, although the name of environmental protection can go selling slogan, but it is not fully into the life of the people is recognized by most people, for most people, this product is a new item and not a necessity. Maybe they have this curiosity came to your shop, but how to let others buy your product or to receive a difficult task, so the agents home water purifier is not so much sales model also will be diverse, it is the most hated distribution business, they spread throughout the country false, water purifiers to beauty, carcinogenic deceive ignorant people, this behavior is most shameful. And they are selling water purifier prices are low as they can go products, and even some unscrupulous dealers direct procurement of low-quality products to sell to write propaganda, causing water purifier in the heart of the people is getting worse, this model allows agents home worse.

   It is understood that in recent years, agents are also very much to join the water purifier, the reason because the brand names, brand bidding between the threshold put more and more low, by dealers around the purchase cost and the impact of adding the water purification industry, is to see the glory of the Showtime water purification industry, after most people see no hope entrants, shops deserted them flustered, not profit a year against loss for joining this is a severe blow. Agent heard a lot of businesses that can not go on, but these are just saying not go soon to join or not to join more than two years. Why is this so, but also back to the top, water purifier belongs to a new species, a bad reputation. To make people to receive recognition, it must establish a local store and play your brand image, so that we recognize your product.

   how do we do to make the locals recognized and accepted it: perseverance, advocacy and service.

   Although adhere to less than a year fell everywhere, but three to five years the agency has many shops, water purification industry two years ago not a lot of money, It was lucky, but when we need to survive publicity campaign to publicize the method in which there are many Xiao Bian introduce two here.

   First, engage in activities: engaging in activities scaffolding can free drop-off installation charge somewhere or other activities in collaboration with some local mall and other large places, usually in a place how many full consumer to send water purifiers, businesses receive only on-site installation costs, installation costs can be more than a small, mainly based on local acceptable range, the machine can be sent out at the same time to send out you must ensure that the quality of your machine, if the low quality of your effort is wasted, everyone psychology does not produce a good impression, you may also make business more difficult.

   Second, the village propaganda: Can and auto mode almost, but not false propaganda can be beauty, carcinogenic, etc., should be realistic, you can add write qualifier and gifts to encourage people to buy. The only difference is that home and auto once you come next will come back, so the quality is not required to sell a few to sell even one is enough, you are doing publicity and follow-up services. To lay the foundation for the future, and worry about future water purifier sold.

   From the above description we can conclude that the election to join the water purifier brand also need to adhere to, higher interest rates have not timely return, need various efforts and propaganda, nor manufacturers in Baidu, in certain media, had played in the CCTV advertising, celebrity endorsements have your proxy his brand will certainly able to open a good shop to make money, but by through your own efforts, the local has a better reputation and influence in order to really make money,

   Note: do water purifier to join, please read this article, the water purification industry really good prospects, but we must take advantage of, choose to join the brand is good, there are hard-working and strong WRIGHT to run, amiable able to serve the public, to get everyone you run water purifier brand recognition locally. If you do not have these conditions it is not recommended to join the agency,Like most people can do with the dealer, every day for places to run, so there is no need to choose the brand, style look good as long as the price is low, you will be able to get the maximum interest rate. Again, you need to do water purifier to join the agency, please think twice underwent two, or countless water purifier plus franchisees fail it will accommodate you.

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