Water purifiers- kitchen electric companies to accelate thei

   2018, affected by macroeconomic and real estate downside, electric kitchen "smoke stoves eliminate micro Zhengkao wash" cliff-style overall market fell into a sustained negative growth.


   On the one hand, a serious decline in the traditional kitchen electrical category;

   On the other hand, new kitchen electric category, although the rapid growth but still very small, and the low level of knowledge, short term can not open up the situation, kitchen electric industry collapsed in the short term is very difficult.

   but in the long run, the current low electric kitchen each category one hundred ownership, where a higher degree of popularity hood 2017, every hundred ownership of only 51 units, far below the ice color wash waited in vain for mature home appliances category, the next huge space for development. Based on the present, focus on the future, kitchen electric companies need hard skills, prepare for a long-term struggle.

   The main category layout basically completed, the next step to accelerate the integration between categories

   In recent years, expanding the category become the consensus of the entire appliance industry, household electrical appliance enterprises continue to expand new category, to seek new growth points. Kitchen electric companies are no exception, based on the kitchen scene, continue to extend to the dishwasher, embedded, integrated kitchen, water purification and other kitchen emerging category.

   With the August 2019 release side too integrated cooking centers and water purification products, kitchen electric company for the kitchen scene of major category layout has been basically completed. Over the past few years, the kitchen scene kitchen electric company to extend to the periphery of a lot of scenes to explore, such as food distribution, video entertainment, and so on.

   From the kitchen to cook food distribution to the front end of the scene to buy food, vegetables, vegetable extension, although future prospects, but more difficult to implement.

   for example, because the consumer is still cultivate food distribution stage, the market demand will take some time to be excited at the same time, due to higher food distribution and preservation of the timeliness requirements, it requires a strong supply chain and coverage supporting short radius distribution, the higher the cost.

   In addition, video entertainment transition from the kitchen to cook attribute social entertainment properties, is not currently a core demands of consumers for the kitchen scene, not much actual scene.

   Return kitchen scene nature, kitchen electric company next focus should be from the users actual usage scenarios, accelerating convergence between different categories, first solve the problem of users actually use the scene. For example, water purification products for significance kitchen electric company, on the one hand,New growth point for the kitchen electric company, on the other hand, the integration of water purification technology and other categories can better support the development of other categories.

   is the trend of smart home, intelligent platform to create ecological focus kitchen

   intelligent home after years of development, has gradually from a single product to intelligent interoperability, application 5G technology will further speed up the process .

   On the one hand, the platform has the advantage of mobile phone manufacturers, TV manufacturers actively layout of the new class, expand the ecosystem, to create a closed-loop smart home ecosystem.

   On the other hand, it has the ecological advantage of comprehensive home appliance brand and actively build smart home platform, has achieved initial success.

   either from platform to platform to ecology or ecological, companies want to seize the opportunities in the trend of smart home, to maximize take a favorable position. Electric kitchen as an important part of the smart home, the current low intelligence, kitchen electric companies need to focus on eco-kitchen, kitchen scene to create the core of the intelligent platform to prepare for the future to better integrate smart home ecology.

   In the short term, kitchen electric company needs to continue in the integration category, and work hard to promote the new category, in the long run, the trend in the smart home, you need to create a business focused on the kitchen ecological thinking smart home platform .

   (Source: Pan-home network, invasion deleted)

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