Water purification Agent issues of common ccern

   water purification agents be sure to choose well-known brands. Big brands, the overall strength stronger. In general, product quality, service, follow-up support which are a little more secure. This is presumably a water purifier to join the investors can understand.


   to take a look at water purification agents are generally concerned about the issue.

   Lawrence water purifier delivery price is very low, the company saw more long-term interests, the purpose is not to make quick money, so in order to help more venture capitalists, while expanding its market, the price of delivery agent Lawrence low, fully let to the proxy franchisee, profit value as high as 300% to 400%, Lawrence insisted brand, has been in Lawrence are adhering to the "let life be different" attitude improvement products, focused on the real needs of consumers and vital interests, harbor "change from ourselves and start from scratch."

   Lawrence water purifier which products? products sell it?

   Lawrence water filter now has two major residential and commercial water purification system products, including household water (RO reverse osmosis), kitchen water purifier (ultrafiltration), central water purifier, whole house water purifiers, direct drinking machine, commercial water purifier, the air purifier.

   joined Lawrence water purifier which support policies have


   1) Brand policy support:? Master core technologies and more competitive, strong international brand influence, the depth of the global clean water experts,

   2) 0 risk mode of cooperation: agents and distributors to take a moderately loose policy agent, won the years most popular brand agents and distributors in the world.

   3) Exclusive Agent: take the regional exclusive agent system to ensure that the interests of agents and dealers, the absence of exclusive agents, authorized dealers can do, purchase directly from Shenzhen Corporation.

   4) marketing operations support: help site selection, renovation design, planning, product training, market guidance, materials presented, management and operation training, experience 0 for 0 dealers have more policy-based assistance.

   5) after-sales support: Lawrence all products Genius, lifetime technical support service at any Lawrence agency or agencies nationwide after-sales rank pari of aftermarket products.

   for details Lawrence purifier brandClick on the situation

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