Relations with the worldater has reached a stregic key point

   November 30, 2016. The three-day summit in Budapest, the water came to an end. Officials and experts from more than 100 countries and regions, calling for the protection of water resources not only to raise awareness, must also act.




relationship with the worlds water has reached a strategic key point (Photo from Internet)

   must take practical action on the protection of water resources

   [ 123] data show that there are about 884 million people worldwide are still using unpurified improved drinking water sources, more than 80% of the waste water has not been collected or processed. 71st UN General Assembly President Peter Thomson believes that "climate agreement in Paris" just the entry into force of the global temperature warming to within 2 degrees Celsius of control as the target, and the temperature rise is controlled within 1.5 degrees Celsius and efforts, but now the world is warming to 3 degrees to 4 degrees Celsius. 2050 Earth demand for water will increase by 50%, it is necessary to take concrete action on water conservation.

   Hungarian President Janos Adair said that the current should be re-developed water management system, the establishment of institutions to adapt more to encourage new and innovative solutions to strengthen the technical inputs and transformation, attract investment, effective solution to the problems faced by water resources protection.

   relationship with the worlds water has reached a strategic key point

   summit believe that water is the most precious natural resources, and water relations in the world has reached a key strategic point, water can not be used longer be taken for granted, protection of water resources must be embedded in the United Nations sustainable development agenda throughout 2030 related policies. Summit issued a number of initiatives, including continuing to promote the implementation of all water-related sustainable development goals in 2030; through the efforts of the government and the owner of the water, to ensure that the goals of sustainable development into national and local action plans; recognize that water can become the importance of recycling economy accelerator, policy measures aim to support the implementation of the Agreement on the implementation of governments climate deal in Paris "and the development of sustainable development; to strengthen political and technical cooperation, coordinating the development in the economic, energy, climate change, health, food and water policies to protect biodiversity, facilitate the achievement of efficient, flexible and inclusive governance and water management systems.

   China put forward new and higher requirements [123 for water resources protection]

   At the summit, Chinese Minister of Water Resources Chen Lei introduced the Chinese situation of water resources use and protection, that the current Chinese economic development presents new normal, building a moderately prosperous society entered the decisive stage, propose new water resources protection and higher requirements. Chinese government put forward the "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" a new development concept, establish a water conservation policy priority, clearly in 2020, the national total annual water consumption control in less than 670 billion cubic meters, per unit of gross domestic product water the amount of water per unit of industrial added value lower than 23% in 2015 and 20%, to improve the effective utilization factor of irrigation water to more than 0.55%, the public water supply network leakage rate was below 10%.

   To this end, China put forward five initiatives to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 United Nations sustainable development agenda especially wading objectives and tasks: First, systems management, comprehensive facilities strategy. Second, the government led, multi-stakeholder involvement. The third is to strengthen the monitoring and tracking progress. Fourth, deepen exchanges and expand cooperation. Fifth tolerance and mutual learning, to achieve win-win situation. (Source: HC purification network)

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