The benefits of reverse osmosis water purification equipment


   the device is a reverse osmosis water purification water purification equipment, to effect purification popular. So, the benefits of reverse osmosis water purification equipment are what it? Xiao Bian now introduce you.




reverse osmosis pure water equipment has been deep into peoples water security field, has its presence in many places. It allows small to smallest bacteria and viruses can not, ensure that the water is pure. Here are just a small look at the benefits of reverse osmosis water purification equipment and related knowledge.


The invention of a composite film 80 by the ultrathin reverse osmosis membrane, the porous support layer, since the superposition of fabric reinforced, water permeability is great, the salt removal rate of 99%, which is preferably a reverse osmosis membrane. The reverse osmosis membrane is also particularly effective in the separation of small organic compounds, organic chemicals and therefore, the brewing industry, waste treatment and other fields have been well used.


In the 21 century, the reverse osmosis membrane technologies are monopolized by foreign countries, while China was not until the late 1990s began mastered the production technology of reverse osmosis membranes. The history dates back to the early days, when we State leaders have realized the role and future prospects for desalination in society.


maintenance of reverse osmosis membrane


With pure water equipment widely used in water treatment industry, reverse osmosis membrane is also gradually being seriously. The cost of reverse osmosis membrane is one of the issues consumers are most concerned about, good maintenance will help extend the life of reverse osmosis membrane. After


The new reverse osmosis membrane element is typically impregnated 1% NaHSO3 solution and 18% glycerol stored in a sealed plastic bag. In the case of the plastic bag is not broken, about 1 year storage, will not affect the performance and life of the reverse osmosis membrane. When the bag opening, should be used as soon as possible, so as to avoid NaHSO3 oxidized in air, an adverse effect on the reverse osmosis membrane element. Accordingly the reverse osmosis membrane should be opened prior to use.


pure water reverse osmosis device after the test machine, we have two ways to secure the reverse osmosis membrane. Equipment test machine run two days (15 ~ 24h), and then maintained using a 2% formaldehyde solution; or running after 2 ~ 6h, maintenance reverse osmosis membrane with a 1% aqueous solution of NaHSO3 (exhaust air should make the equipment lines , to ensure that the device does not leak, closing all the outlet valves). Both methods give satisfactory results, the first of these methods are costly, idle timeWhen using a long, maintenance second reverse osmosis membrane method using a short idle time.


through these presentations, I am sure you know the right knowledge of water purification equipment. You also promise that you will ask: at home it is necessary to install water purification equipment found in small series of small household water knowledge base answer is yes, ride it, you can rest assured that the drinking water at home?.




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