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   When it comes to cancer, even experts will become sensitive to ordinary people is dreaded, 2017, with the latest cancer data released by the National Cancer Center, 2013 new malignant tumor pathology 3.682 million cases, there is a daily average about 1 million people diagnosed with cancer, there are 7 people with cancer every minute! Water - urgent cancer prevention, substance daily lives today most are carcinogenic to talk with you.


   We all know that tap water is generally used chlorine to disinfect, compared to other disinfecting substances chlorine has a low price, wide application, strong disinfection ability and other characteristics, but Meanwhile chlorine and organic matter in water will play a complex chemical reaction, derived from other toxic substances, trihalomethanes carcinogenic effect is one of them, we believe it will be like erosion corrosion of metal objects, like your body.

   As early as 1974, Khalida Sri Lanka and other scholars to the United States raised this issue. Because at the time, the Mississippi River water to the United States as the tap water of the residents of New Orleans cancer incidence was significantly higher than other regions. Khalida Sri Lanka and other scholars after a detailed investigation, that the large number of carcinogenic trihalomethanes contained in tap water is the main cause of the high incidence of cancer.


   In addition, labor library Mr. Dutch study found that tap water with chlorine process, the raw water has a chance to chlorine in combination reaction, generate harmful haloform. Coincidentally, before the European scholars had to remind the public attention to the danger of tap water contains carcinogens. Another scholar drinking water and water for residents of epidemiological survey, which found that significantly higher rates of cancer. In the United States, studies have found that, reference water (river water as water sources, tap water through the chlorine process) of the population, the incidence of colorectal and bladder cancer, a high ratio of residents drinking water 13 to 19%. Furthermore, studies also confirmed that the concentration of trihalomethanes in the water, there is a very close relationship with the incidence of bladder cancer.


   so-called trihalomethanes, a compound represented by three hydrogen atoms and the halogen exchange methane formed. Sometimes, non-chlorine organic substances in the relevant processing is also contained in the raw water. Organic humus water in a large number of opportunities generated by trihalomethanes in the chlorine process.

   rotColonization is a dark brown mass organic substances such as plant and animal organic matter in the soil by the action of microorganisms, the formation of spoilage.

   Recently, deterioration of water quality of Lake Biwa, tap water as residents, have complained that drinking tap water with a musty smell. This is Lake Biwa water is contaminated, increasing the organic matter in water and evidence of spoilage. Only this one case, it is conceivable that, in the environment we live in, generating dangerous trihalomethanes and other carcinogenic substances significantly increased. Therefore, in Osaka, Japan, more and more people to question trihalomethanes in tap water contains showed great care for.


   carcinogenic trihalomethanes problem, initially and mainly through epidemiological survey found. Later, the animal is achieved by, also confirmed that it really can cause liver, kidney and other cancers. Further, the method by Ames mutagenicity test results show that, chloroform is negative, the brominated trihalomethanes was positive.

   Thus, although each country trying to solve the problems of trihalomethanes in tap water contained, but for families, use a water filter to set right drinking water safety is essential. Meanwhile, also a water heating kettle removing trihalomethanes effective way, scientific test showed that water was boiled for 5 minutes, the residue trihalomethanes therein a very low concentration, in this respect can now professional water purifier comparable.


   Well, today knowledge on the prevention of water carcinogenic to share here today, the next, we will share another thing in life is easy carcinogenic - mold, everyday life we 鈥嬧€媜ften eat sauce, soy sauce, pickles and other foods, the problem often moldy, but as early as 1960, the British aflatoxin severe time had occurred, resulting in the death of more than 10 million turkeys, influence huge reason why exactly? Follow us tomorrow articles.

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