Water purifiers give children a healthy and happy childhood
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   Open the phone, open the most recent weather forecast, a large rainy weather, the weekend had intended to travel plan ran aground again. Looking at the circle of friends, a friend sent photos of the children in the rain to attend the musical training of the heart can not help some emotion, todays children are too tired, and now the parents too hard. Whoever does not want their children to lose at the starting line, so parents with children, travel between the various training courses and interest groups.



   before seen such a joke: There are three birds in this world, the first one is the first to fly, is Benniao; the second is not too tired to fly to die, anyway, only birds, early demise reborn, smart birds; third is third ...... sawed the case of this third most annoying, it can not fly themselves, in the nest? the next egg, place their hopes in the next generation ...... our unfinished want their children to back us complete, however, we are happy and carefree childhood, whether the children to have?

   a child in the river the water is very clean, you can see the fish swim in the water, because the water crystal clear, then we can rest assured in the river wash rice, vegetables, washing clothes. But now, no longer so blue sky, water is no longer so green. Water pollution can be seen everywhere, the childrens health and drinking water has become a problem, do not believe, you look!



   First, pollution, and water treatment technology behind

   uses the old process of flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, this approach does not remove the old process of heavy metals in water and organic contamination.

   water quality frequently appear crisis, pre-press has also exposed the Nanjing water detected antibiotics, it is not able to drink the tap water to a boil age.



   Second, the pipeline pollution

   of a difference of network configuration, generally used is an iron pipe, it will generate a lot of rust after 5 years, tube wall inside encourages the growth of bacteria and parasites, iron rust water will be exceeded, the body is the liver rather unfavorable. In fact, there are a lot of pipeline for more than 40 years are still in use. High-rise real estate in general, tanks for secondary water supply, if the water tank regularly cleaned, dirty water tank will be scary.



   Third, the sterilization process is easy to produceHealth carcinogens

   At present water disinfection mostly chlorine, bleaching powder for disinfection, easy to produce harmful byproducts of chlorination, chlorine serious harm to the human body, it can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and upper respiratory tract, for skin damage is the most direct.

   Long-term inhalation of low concentrations of chlorine can cause chronic poisoning, the main symptoms of chronic bronchitis, rhinitis, emphysema and cirrhosis. Chlorine sensitive people, when in contact with high concentrations of chlorine, dermatitis or eczema can occur.

   Water enters the home people mainly used: washing dishes, vegetables, bathing, washing clothes, and clean up more than 90% of the total water consumption of this water, and drinking water heating, cooking water only They accounted for a small part, so the standard water purification water plant is living water, rather than the standard drink straight. In this era of frequent incidents of water pollution, water purification has been unable to play a full role in the.

   In this small series Reminder: the childs health is the foundation of all, your child does not want to lose at the starting line, the first to be on the body, good health is the most important, and water health played a crucial role, parents must pay attention to this issue. For our childrens health, please install water purifier it!

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