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   In recent years, with the improvement of Chinas economy and the level of awareness of environmental health, water purifiers has risen significantly, but in terms of the overall development of water purification industry, there are still many non-standard place, such as brand recognition is not high, the industry standard is imperfect, and so on, these problems are inevitable stage of development of the industry, but if not promptly resolve the problem, do not make the industry healthy and orderly development.




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   a , water purifier national standards imperfect, pure water, mineralized water debated.

   Currently, standard inspection measure water purifier less relevant state policies and regulations are incomplete, due to the lack of standards guidance, resulting in consumer confusion.

   Second, the product is positioned limitations.

   At present, most domestic water purifier manufacturers publicity positioned as health and beauty. Beauty feels not always popular. We should be positioned in the water purifier kitchen home appliances, kitchen products and appliances such as rice cookers, electric kettle and other propaganda put together. In this way, consumers will be virtually the net water and electric cooker as the same type of product, thereby increasing penetration.

   Third, the lack of consumer awareness of the water purifier.

   through consultation and survey of consumer shopping malls found that most consumers know nothing about water purifiers, water purifiers for water purification function skeptical, wait and see attitude. This is a key factor restricting the development of water purification industry.

   Fourth, the uneven quality of products, sales management is not standardized

   as providing drinking water and people closely related to the product, water purifier hygiene requirements can not be ignored. There are a lot of no-name water purification products, from the appearance of the structure can not meet minimum health requirements, and even some activated carbon water filter cartridge will have to move a bit from falling, and some water purifier housing and the inner wall of Muddy dust. As a sales terminal - Mall management of water purification products are not standardized, and some shopping malls water purification products similar to grocery store counters, and even some malls do not water purification products counters

   V. net. water shortage mastered the core technology, lack of uniform standards for manufacturing the filter, replace the filter of water purifier become a bottleneck for development.

   most of the domestic manufacturers can onlyManufacturing activated carbon filter, while the hollow fiber, reverse osmosis membranes, ceramic filters and other purification advanced technology to master, and it can rely on imports. At the same time, the filter manufacturing also lack of uniform standards, once the purchase of a particular brand of water purifiers, subsequent filter replacement can only be purchased with a vendors products, consumers lose the right to freedom of choice. When some consumers worry about the manufacturers do not produce, expensive water purifier will lose usefulness; or may be any mercy in the filter manufacturer price.

   Sixth, water purifiers extensive marketing strategy.

   At present, the marketing of water purification products, funding is limited and competitive, largely adopting a water purifier agency model, virtually no factories or offices established Direct sales force, direct the products sell water purification agents, water purification agents from the operation of the terminal market.

   As the water purifier market competition in-depth, more and more enterprises in a highly homogeneous market environment, once the profit margins are squeezed, it will be difficult to gain market competition initiative. To solve the problem of marketing water purifier, expand markets, water purifier businesses are also much with the mind, more analysis of consumer demand, quality, and thus, better capture the water purifier brand market.

   Seven, the market lacks a strong brand support, and lack of appropriate oversight mechanisms.

   water purifier is an emerging industry, well-known brands such as Haier, etc. do not get involved in the manufacturing of water purifiers, people familiar with foreign brands such as Panasonic did not enter the Chinese market. Water purifier market is in the Warring States Period, each brand products say they are well-known brands or adopt international advanced manufacturing technology, and the market response has no corresponding oversight mechanisms, false propaganda manufacturers increased consumption suspicious persons.

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