The villagers became very sick and suspect contaminated drin
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  The villagers became very sick and suspect contamination of drinking water: Tim net water purification Views: 972 Date: 2015-2-9 14:41:01 February 3 began, Fuzhou, Jinan District Day Township Village day dozens of villagers suddenly vomiting and diarrhea symptoms, age is only a minimum of 2 years old. The villagers suspect that drinking tap water is contaminated. In this regard, the Japanese government responded Township, at 17:00 on February 3, May Village occurrence of sudden clusters of cases of acute gastroenteritis phenomenon. According to their statistics, 31 people have the symptoms, we can not confirm because of drinking tap water lead, contaminated water can not be confirmed, still investigation the cause. 鏉戞皯涓婂悙涓嬫郴 鎬€鐤戦ギ鐢ㄦ按姹℃煋 and more elderly and sick villagers have to hospitals for treatment yesterday after receiving a reflection of the villagers, many villagers learned from there, from February 3 to yesterday, one after the villagers appeared similar symptoms, "several ten people are this way, and some family are sick, "the villagers said, the incidence of the villagers, most of the resistance are weak people, mostly children, women and the elderly. Hospitals and staff said the first cases of diarrhea symptoms township hospitals recently received the villagers is more than at 17:00 on February 3 that night three villagers to visit the yard, the next day at 1-3 there are many villagers point to medication. "Villagers to seek treatment for abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, to vomit, but not serious." Dean said rural hospitals, those villagers were diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis or indigestion, mainly to medication . In this regard, members of the Japanese government surnamed Wang Township Party Committee, said: "As of yesterday morning, 23 were rural hospitals admissions, visits to the homes of villagers in the township government statistics and another eight people did not go to hospitals for treatment, a total of 31 people appeared in the village discomfort. "he said," there are already 29 people got better, there are two people not healed. "the village has drinking water test results have not yet come out," the days of food eaten is as usual and did not eat special things, suddenly became very sick. "the villagers Hefei Long said. Reporters visited a number of villagers, they also said that diet and usual and all. The villagers said that until water suddenly dries February 4, township government also sent to distribute medicine to the villagers, informing them of the pill in good save water disinfection. Then they realized that they could be drinking water in the village waterworks lead to hairdisease. It is understood that Japanese Village where hundreds of people are drinking water in the village to provide water plant, the villagers suddenly whether clusters of disease due to water contamination? Japanese government organization members Township Party Committee Wang said that four evening, Jinan District Health Board epidemic prevention station sent to the village, from the village water plant sampling, "the test results have to wait 72 hours to come out, so there is not too known incidence caused by the water village. " He explained that water plant has been drained of water, and after re-sterilize water reservoir, yesterday, two staff members of Jinan District Health Department and Epidemic Prevention Station sampling of new water savings, "until the water quality inspection before It will re-supply. " Tim net water purification remind, water pollution incidents impossible for us, we can not wait until then to take action when pollution events happen to us, this will only be healthy for us to pay, we have to plan ahead, away from pollution!

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