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   2018 home stores described as mixed, while the data is continuing to decline, the traditional regional building materials market gradually shut down, while the Internet giant admission, corporate restructuring and deregulation. With a few key words sum up can be summarized as: traffic decline, new retail restructuring, increased diversification of formats, channel sink and shuffle.


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   2018 home stores described as mixed, while the data is continuing to decline, the traditional regional building materials market gradually shut down, while the Internet giant admission, corporate restructuring and deregulation. With the continuous development of the Internet in the field of home building materials, traditional stores have come to the transition junction, industry insiders predicted: the future of a large number of local home stores will shut down mode or acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions and adjustments reshuffle, the number of stores will continue cut back.

   If the summary to the home store performance this year with a few key words, about can be summarized as: traffic decline, new retail restructuring, increased diversification of formats, channel sink and shuffle.

   traffic fell

   home building materials have a measure called BHI, which is referred to as the national climate index of home building materials, by the Ministry of Commerce Circulation Development Division, China Building Materials Circulation Association jointly issued end home building materials stores prosperity index.

   According to the latest release of BHI data reality, November BHI index was 90.81, a decline of 10.73%, down 1.25% year on year, the national scale home building materials stores in November sales of 84.26 billion yuan, down 13.16% , interpretation of the relevant departments, following the "Golden September and silver October," not busy season, November national home building materials market into the traditional winter off-season, sharply lower than the BHI ring. As it can be seen by statistics nearly three years BHI index chart, from the country last year, home building materials overall sentiment index fell a pronounced shift, it shows the difficult plight of the home store behind it.

   in August this year, an industry forum held in Guangzhou, a good home, CEO Fanxue You have revealed, in Guangzhou, a medium-sized stores in the area of 鈥嬧€媋bout 20,000 square meters and can accommodate roughly 100 or so stores Monday to Friday combined sales of around 50 million, the average sales per household counters of only 5,000 yuan, which the general decline over the same period last year, data20% -30%.

   In addition to data, through daily visits and research we have obviously felt the deserted store, especially in the non-holiday time, often more than the sales staff to buy furniture consumers, dealers said: "before, when there are home businesses do promotions, do not publicize how effortlessly extremely busy coming and going throughout the store, we took the tweeter has cried hoarse do not feel tired. now is not working, no matter what new and interesting activities simply can not see a few people, the staff put up stalls in there chatting or sleepy. activities are also doing this, do not do it can be imagined more deserted. "

   [ 123] new retail transformation

   such a trend, a lot of home stores ahead of perceived crisis, have opened up the pace of new retail transformation, first Easyhome marriage Ali, will transform Jinyuan store to experience mALL integrated mall mode, accelerate the "big home" to "big spending" change, followed by Redstar hand Tencent, the two teamed up to launch a global marketing platform for home wisdom IMP, crazy rally during the last two-eleven turnover reached 16 billion yuan.

   In addition to the chain stores, the rich Sammy Lights home, promote the home, Jimei home, Colliers home and other regional store also have to test the water, we launched a pilot one-stop shopping in different places, foreign household retail brands IKEA, B & Q, Hansen quickly to keep up. All of a sudden, the domestic home stores abroad opt to embark on a whole new retail transformation.

   for the result of the transformation of the store, there is the traditional home industry practitioners believe that the market is large enough, there are also a lot of room for improvement, innovation and adding new retail model will bring new Internet giant imagination industry. It was also said that for supermarkets, restaurants, clothing and other FMCG industry, the new retail does play a significant role, but each logical development of the industry is not the same, home industry in exploring the Internet on the road for so many years without Finding the right way, not yet mature new retail wants to make a change is not an easy thing in this traditional land.

   diversified formats


   home store to open a new retail format change is the transition more rich and diverse. For example, in April the opening of the House had experience MALL while assigned to the world and actually eat the goods actually McIlroy Studios Jackie Chan two brands, the use of mealDrink and theater enhance the store pulling power, then box horse Fresh green and swept the Korean market sports brand SportsMonster have also entered achieved supermarkets, the whole layout of the dining theater, sports, fitness, childrens entertainment, home care, digital intelligence and other large consumer formats . Easyhome president, said Wang Ning, after a successful pilot experience MALL, the future will be replicated in other stores.

   In addition, the House had also to build consumer ecosystem around the large home concept. Easyhome Italy Boeri Architects to achieve cooperation on this years Milan Furniture Fair, planned landing at least 50 million square meters per year "vertical forest - urban complex" project, including ecological Mall, ecological commercial district, residential vertical forest , office buildings, hotels, apartments and so on; in November, and the house had Yuzhong District government to launch "smart home town of art", will fall 900,000 square meters of large commercial complex, which includes home stores, design creative, wholesale base, theme commerce, business office, dining and entertainment formats.

   in the way of business diversification, another giant home stores earlier Meikailong go farther. Back in the 2013 inaugural Red Star brand business commercial release and the First Annual Festival, Meikailong Board build a new car had publicly said that the next to enter the commercial real estate, urban development complexes and commercial shopping centers, and by 2020 plans to build 100 integrated shopping malls, now a subsidiary of Aegean shopping mall has more cities fall flowering.

   in the back A prospectus submitted this year, added a Meikailong as a "domestic industry incubator", the official website of the show module business point of view, involving a wide range of content, covering electricity supplier , home improvement, logistics, consumer finance, real estate procurement, investment and financing, logistics and industrial park, fund management and other fields. From the past two years, business investment point of view, in addition to custom home, smart home and artificial intelligence industries, but also inject the sports, traffic travel, entertainment, film and television industry, start-up companies, has already seen its ambitions are not limited to home stores and even pan-home field.

   channel sink, increased reshuffle

   this year, Meikailong and even homes have accelerated the pace of the shop, according to two of the official website of the information, as of the end of November 2018 , the number of shopping malls nationwide Redstar over 300, is actually home277, the two leading stores have proposed the "thousands of stores plan" in the future the same time force to three hundred forty-five in key cities covering a second-tier cities.

   IKEA began to accelerate in terms of channel sink. In addition to launching online mall outside, try different forms of online stores, such as a small shop in the city center, shops and experience the night market in Taipei while back out of the first "hundred stores", in addition to build more shopping malls contacts, to attract more consumers. From the trend point of view of these giant layout next home stores will face a severe market reshuffle. When Macalline, home, these high-end IKEA home store brand gradually sinking into the four-tier cities, some local stores in regional living space will be further squeezed.

   In fact, this year, many traditional building materials market mergers and acquisitions have occurred shut down phenomenon, Beijing loving family home West Fourth Ring shop, museum lighting Yuquanying building materials market, the Shanghai Hongkou District 000 home building materials wholesale, Putuo District Jinsheng good blessing to the home market, Chengdu House River Bridge and a number of old building materials market has closed down, can expect this trend more pronounced in the future, home stores will face a number of mergers and acquisitions wave and tidal closed shop .

   With industry analysts, shuffling behind the home store is affected by the wave of customization. In recent years, the whole house of popular custom, customized brand behind more than 30% growth, not only eroded the finished furniture original market share, not only to the traditional home store furniture business difficult, but also in the traditional distribution channels home store is lopsided. While many traditional home store has a custom area, but more customization shops are open into Shopping mall stores, high street stores or community stores. Custom home in separate channels, but also take away the traffic and sales originally belonged to the store.

   Fortunately, the head of the home stores have felt the crisis have to sell the pace of transformation. It is foreseeable that in the future both the first-tier cities or other areas of the home store, all will gradually into the reshuffle, some of backward traditional stores will be eliminated. Having gone through shuffling This time, the pattern of home stores will gradually stabilize, entered the track of healthy development.

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