The future did not forget thearly arRongshida brand wall mon
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   January 13, Rongshida brand wall monument groundbreaking ceremony was held in the sixth Rongshida industrial park. Wall monument to Thanksgiving, bearing in mind the theme, all those who make outstanding contributions to Rongshida brand development, will be engraved on the wall in the immortal monument, bearing in mind the great achievements to Chen Rongzhen, Chou Xudong as the representatives of the older generation of leaders of Rongshida, heritage predecessors bull by the horns pioneer spirit, to commemorate the national cultural essence of the brand.

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   did not forget the beginning of gratitude "Wing" Yao

   Chen Rongzhen, Chou Xudong, represented by the exploits of the old leadership of his party, accompanied by Panbao Chun, thunder and others, visited the Rongshida double hit the center of the exhibition hall and intelligent electronics research and development center, second floor products, Rongshida double hit of intelligent product development results and showed great interest, and certainly the Rongshida new breakthrough in the field. The ceremony, Rongshida Group brand founder, chairman Chen Rongzhen the first generation to make a speech, feeling the Rongshida leaps and bounds in the new era of hope Rongshida made in China as soon as possible on behalf of the world. Subsequently, the new leaders monument old pit sprinkle soil level. Made for the older generation who contributed Thanksgiving and guidance to people later in the afternoon session, Panbao Chun, thunder and other next-generation successor to the older generation of leaders of Merit awarded Thanksgiving crystal cup.

鈥滀笉蹇樺垵蹇冿紝缁у線寮€鏉モ€濃€斺€旇崳浜嬭揪鍝佺墝涓扮澧欏鍩轰华寮忛殕閲嶄妇琛? src=

   Each brand has its own spiritual growth story and legend, especially as this has Rongshida 60 years old deep accumulation of national brand, Rongshida generations who paved with hard work, with the will cast the long road of brand development, formed a spiritual monument, laid the cornerstone Rongshida brand growth. Today, the third generation of people to the brand Rongshida monument Relive Rongshida brand development process, is to maintain and carry forward the fine tradition of the older generation along Rongshida people footsteps, recalling the past eventful years; not forget the early heart future, forge ahead. Let Rongshida continued to show prosperity, vibrant scene, struggling to submit responses to the superior society to history!

鈥滀笉蹇樺垵蹇冿紝缁у線寮€鏉モ€濃€斺€旇崳浜嬭揪鍝佺墝涓扮澧欏鍩轰华寮忛殕閲嶄妇琛? src=

   shared future "thing" industry

   meeting site in the afternoon , Rongshida Group executive vice president Robert Murray made a "pioneering spirit, pragmatic innovation - a hundred years to build the brand and work hard," the work report on achievements in recent years, Rongshida brand building, market development, innovation and entrepreneurship have been achieved summary: 2013-2016 year-matterPacific Group through innovation, entrepreneurial activities, the establishment of grade hardware, software systems are domestic first-class double Rongshida whole value chain Innovation Center, it has been widely acclaimed by the community. Overall performance for three consecutive years to maintain an annual average growth rate of 60%. Learn Rongshida water purifier brand details, please click on 鑽d簨杈? width=

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