-Putian line- six characteristics of the water purificaon in
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   in the water purification industry, there is a "Putian line" on the Baidu platform as chaotic, such as false propaganda, hype, publicity hearsay evidence, and even lack of swindling move and so on, the sound development of the water industry from to interference, even destruction of the role. Now, Xiao Bian gave you explain water purification industry in Putian department prime portrait.




"Putian line" six characteristics of the water purification industry to teach you to distinguish (Photo from Internet)

   1. Specializes in network optimization and network communication

   by way of throwing money at advertising investment, especially Baidu PPC advertising, long dominated the front pages of Baidu search position. For consumers know the truth and channels, but has great subtle and seductive, that these enterprises represent the best corporate brand or industry.

   2 Most no water purification plant production

   Most Class "Putian line" water purification plant is not produced, to take most OEM commission processing manner of production, most rented in the office. Or a factory, because a good relationship with the local industry and commerce, as with impunity! Even if you have been taken to report complaints to the business location, also to no avail.

   3. Specializes in the packaging itself too tall on the

   tend to their own packaging very tall, what foreign brands, what the history of many years, what "worlds top ten brands," " the top ten brands, "and so on, by which money can be more, and then, or their series" Top ten "Fudge target customers, Invitation to a Funeral.

   4, addresses a more common brand investment

   addresses a more common brand investment, there is always a sign that you can play into a net. Or more of a companys operations team multiple brands, madness continued investment.

   5. Viciously buy brand counterparts do Baidu keyword advertising

   For example, you search for a certain brand of water purifiers, obtained Baidu search results but pointed to another company entirely unrelated companys official website , search for a water purifier brands official website, sometimes it is not possible to click directly into the real official website, but by other malicious marketing companies spend money to Baidus keyword bought. And Baidu in this context is ignored, condoned!

   6. Most of the investment is the type of publicSecretary

   defraud the down payment, down payment may come in then do not follow up, there is no such support, and even the goods are unable to go, and even more so-called exclusive agent, such as when you began operations found next door at the same time opened a! not to mention to your training, your continued support to the development.

   The above is a sketch of the Department of Putian water purification industry, and I hope you keep in mind the serious investor, discernment variety of investment cash, to avoid being pit. (Source: HC purification network)

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