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   [water purifier investment network] June 5, commercial water purification Patio official website new on-line. It is reported that the official website will provide our clients and partners to provide a full range of commercial Patio water purifier product information, the freshest and commercial water purification as well as a wealth of information Patio case of commercial cooperation, so that more customers more comprehensive and detailed understanding of the Patio commercial water purifier, commercial water purification Patio enjoy different places, different customers tailor-made solutions for drinking water.


   As a professional home water purification experts Patio Group since its establishment in 1998, it is a professional series of water purification equipment, drinking water equipment and commercial equipment and other clean drinking water enterprises, and always will be "comprehensive solution provider of drinking water" as the future direction of the commercial team.

   It is understood that commercial water purification Patio has a net drink machine, straight drink machine, water machine, water boiler, pipeline machines, water softeners and a series of rich water purification products, services range from office drinking water, water for food and beverage, real estate facilities, public water these four areas, whether at home, restaurant, or office, schools, hospitals, airports and other public places, Patio commercial water purification equipment will protect the national drinking water health go hand in hand, to meet the different places net water use requirements and to make scientific and reasonable solution to the drinking water net.


   in the field of drinking water office, commercial water purification Patio to rent or for sale in the form of machinery and provide water services for enterprises and commercial customers, and other scenes. Especially for commercial water purification lease this popular mode of shared economic, commercial water purification Patio carefully selected series of core products group consisting Patio popular rental choice for customers. Patio has now offer exclusive commercial water purification services to Unilever, purple clouds (South) Headquarters, a good future Education Group, Wuhan Metro bridge opening Mall.


   in commercial catering with water, Qin Yuan Group also has a high standard of products and rich experience, met with KFC, Wallace, sea fishing and many other large chain catering enterprises reached a strategic cooperation, which provides professional commercial water purification equipment. Additionally, 2018 Patio to improve the coffee water solution has won the favor of Starbucks, Patio commercial water purifier Starbucks China officially arrived, both the successful establishment of a long-term relationship, the strength of evidence in the Patio commercial professional catering water purification field.


   policy to promote the hardcover housing market, the clean waterThis is a healthy housing market into the category of "fast track." According to the reporter, 2018, Patio water purifier has signed a strategic framework agreement purchase equipment and Fu Sheng Group, to provide water purification equipment for its hardcover real estate. Further, Patio also reached with China Resources, Yanlord, South Africa, Shimao, Sunshine City and a number of housing prices TOP100 strategic partnership to provide a full range of clean drinking water solutions, brand strength.

   on the common problem of drinking water for the wide public concern, Patio relying on hard-core commercial water purification product technology and strong brand strength, we have successfully served the Fuzhou airport, Fudan University, Tsinghua University, including Gansu Province public places in many fields of maternity and child care, etc., in all directions to enhance the public places clean drinking experience to meet the public and commercial customer demand for public drinking water.

   in terms of after-sales service, to create a better quality of public drinking experience, Patio nationwide service network to provide professional support services. It is understood Patio-sales service network has covered 34 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide, with more than 200 service outlets and more than 6,000 professional service engineers. In the prefecture-level cities, the fastest two-hour response commitment Patio, 12-hour on-site, also launched the "12" Gold and regulatory processes to standardize the quality of service. The launch Patio net plus service system, but also further consolidate and enlarge the Patio brand in the field of commercial water purification.


   "on-line commercial water purification Patio official website, will help to further promote the commercial water purification Patio brand image, the first time dissemination of corporate information and corporate culture, so that enterprises with network communication capability, and to establish close links between the customer and timely access to customer feedback through the website. the most important point is that good corporate official website can attract potential customers to a large extent, in order to establish business contacts with potential customers. " Internet-related comments experts said.

   For more information, please click on the website: http: //

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