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   people can eat for three days, but not a day without water.

   For these things are done every day, but few people ask:? What water is fit to drink "good water" mean

   World Health Organization on the health of good water It is defined as: no impurities, heavy metal-free, non-toxic, weakly basic, moderate hardness, small molecules of water, water rich in mineral elements essential.

   "good water" What is the standard?

   exactly what kind of water purifier to the water is safe and healthy, in line with "good water" standard?

   on the market of water purification products mainly in the ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purifier based, but the two water purifiers but there are varying degrees of technical drawbacks.

   First, reverse osmosis water. It reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) as the core of the filter material, the filter pore size of 0.0001 microns, can be filtered off almost all substances, except for pure water output of the water molecules in the water.

   this problem is that the water purification product, contaminants are filtered out of course, but beneficial to humans mineral elements are also filtered out together, at the same time, there is a strong water solubility, mineral elements part of the human body will dissolve precipitation, causing problems "demineralization" and so on. Experts said that this "excessive purification" of water, although it is safe, but not suitable for long-term consumption, especially for sensitive physique children, the elderly, pregnant women and other groups. In addition, pure water reverse osmosis water in the manufacturing process waste water rate of 70%, resulting in a great waste of water resources. It also has been criticized by consumers.

   Ultrafiltration water purifier, ultrafiltration it the core material is filtered off larger molecules through the micropores volume of 0.01 micron contaminants: as suspended solids, colloids, rust and bacteria, but it can not filter out chlorine, antibiotics, heavy metals, scale and so on. Therefore, there is "not completely purify" the problem ultrafiltration water purification machines, only suitable for use in areas with good water quality.

   home joy balance water technology

   for less than two water purification products, Shenzhen, home water purification technology Cross Ltd. has developed a new anti-water purification products healthy balance osmotic water purifier, water technology to achieve this balance is freely adjustable pure water and mineral water, so the water needs of users in health between mineral water and pure water with free transferFestival balancing scheme.

   reporter walked into the Shenzhen Dulux home water purification Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Xiaoping, general manager, interviewed on the water balance of technical issues were discussed.

   Mr. Liu Xiaoping said, the basic brand of bottled water TDS values 鈥嬧€媋re the same, from that point of view, home pleasure in-depth analysis and found that the combination of water and purify the water, you can create a unity of water quality water. This water may be based on water quality characteristics of different places, with pure water and clean water with freedom, so healthy drinking water. Human nutrition water analysis according to the human body in normal drinking water, the need for certain minerals and trace elements, water balance family pleasure? Reverse osmosis water purifier can remove heavy metals and antibiotics and other harmful substances, minerals and water retention and trace elements, can be said that the trial of this product breadth and popularity of a relatively perfect product.

   home joy countertops large flow balancing water machine


   home joy countertops large flow balancing water machine


   Product name: table large water flow balance

   specification: 400 * 420 * 200MM

   filter technology: PP cotton carbide + + + RO membranes the UF membrane

   four filter cartridges :

   The first stage PP cotton filter: the removal of suspended solids in water is greater than 5 microns, such as sand, rust, gum and the like.

   The second filter stage carbide: odor filter the water, organic compounds, chlorine and the like. Adsorption of various odors.

   UF membrane cartridge third stage: to remove sediment, rust, dust, bacteria and other substances and impurities in the water.

   The fourth stage RO membrane filter: eliminate all hazardous substances in water

   Configuration Description: Norit / Calgon activated carbon, Korea and other components from suppliers world-class (some parts may be selected from the group consisting of distribution, make up the price difference)

   features: Colorful smart, housekeeper filter functions, novel appearance, strong fashion sense, with a variety of designs to choose from, can also be customized design.

   Dulux Shenzhen, home water purification Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprises have superior technology of water purification products, with their own core technology patents, won the Chinese home appliance researchStudy issued by the hospital quality A +. Dulux house committed to providing high-quality domestic water. Professional pre-filter, central ultrafiltration, the end of the two-film whole house water purification mode for users to achieve a more professional, safer, healthier, more times purification services.


   It pleasure purifier home water purification system branded products: Drinking water purifier (straight drink ultrafiltration and RO water), kitchen water, kitchen drinking water purification , a whole house water purifiers, water purifiers central villa, leading water purifier, central fountain and other products, and services in more than 100 countries and regions.

   Dulux home built CNAS water purification research and development laboratory, own more than 100 patents, is Chinas core water purifier standard drafting unit. 2016, home pleasure "to promote Shenzhen Longgang become the worlds fresh water and strong industrial base," the proposal adopted by the Government, in 2017, launched Dulux home water purifier water purifier universal public happiness king ?? good water blessing to the United States imported filter pure waste water ratio of 3: 1 water purification age eight major benefits of an integrated quality, affordable well-being of China, the well-being of the times, to promote the popularization of Chinese healthy drinking water service upgrades fast implementation in China.

   understand the pleasure home water purifier brand details, please click on 瀹朵箰浜嬪噣姘村櫒

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