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   "so-called years of quiet good, but someone in your weight forward." We say these words many years, also talks about the habit of it, but really understand its meaning but late . Thanks to every one you stick in their respective positions, as we hold up the world.

   The 5.1, Ai Mate salute you.


   military salute

   could not see the faces of the soldiers, but saw a surge of power without fear. It is because of them before they make the world a better place. Grateful for their selfless dedication to the community out bit by bit, you have worked hard!


   tribute teachers

   teacher is a feeling, Sentimental love the most beautiful pathfinder; a love, a teacher from the selection of the moment, it means that chose to sacrifice; a belief, no matter how confined conditions, no matter how much the temptation of the outside world, are determined to achieve the ideal of science and education ; it is a persist for many years as one day standing on the podium three feet, with chalk sunny seasons.

   Education without him, only love and example.

   a piece of chalk, dust sleeves, three feet of the podium, thank you for leading us from ignorance to knowledge, Looking at the world wonderful. Thank you for teaching us from naive to mature, surging appreciate things; we thank you for your care from weak to strong, to try to grow a total of sorrows and joys.


   tribute sanitation workers

   in the morning 4,5 point is this bustling city to your greeting, and from morning to evening meals will also your daily living conditions. You bustling crowd in the shuttle, the shuttle in the streets, regardless of seasons still stick to their posts.

   a great city, a great need for a group of builders, who is your greatest respectable people, we should salute you have. Thank you, so that the city remains a decent day, your hard work!


   tribute doctors

   no weekend, holidays, the shuttle in the ward every day, can not wait long with superhuman powers, foot Hot Wheels. Twilight from dawn to night, from lively to silence outpatient ward, with the birth of life, regression of the disease, you are staying with, and stick with youth, to dovetail cap adds a halo.

   a white coat, like the black and white, but it is beautiful. Thank you who, with superb medical skill and unselfish love interpretation of the medical benevolence, life-saving sacred mission! Hard, adorable angels!


   in extraordinary day

   most of the time we gave the work

   we gain confidence in labor, happiness and wealth

   of course, from time to time there will be hard and frustrating

   but no matter what profession, with focus and stick to

   in their hands the work to be perfect and ultimate

   can become an integral part of the field of "craftsman"

   might work really hard, but baby you, no matter what position you are in, please remember saying to myself all sound: hard, even if you take advantage of the holiday vent tight physical and mental fatigue, timely enjoy the joys of life. For example: meet people like courageous in his mind; you have to go to a distant field trips say stay away; it has precious vacation to relax and enjoy themselves.

   hope in the coming days, you give yourself time, treat yourself well.


   For example, home from work forget unpleasant work, untied tie off heeled remove makeup, the depth of the whole house use by Ai Mate purified water filtration water give yourself a cup of coffee, do dinner, with Ai Mate central water softener soft water purifying himself a bath, to the skin to be a SPA.


   If you like music, stereo Bluetooth also can put the wash stage, listening to the only love that song, soak in the bathtub filled with soft water, so soft water to warm the body, the dirt inside the skin cells completely clear, eliminate fatigue.


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