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   Due to water pollution, there are 50 million child deaths worldwide each year, 35 million people suffering from cardiovascular disease, 70 million people suffering from gallstone disease, 90 million people have hepatitis, 30 million people died of liver cancer and stomach cancer. The incidence of new species due to water pollution caused by more and more, drinking water pollution has become a major environmental problem.


   At present water is often overlooked in health education, nutrition terms of popularity, only concerned with "food", while ignoring the "drink." It is no exaggeration to say that, in todays society more than the Sheung Shui blind illiterate. Shortage imbalance of economic development caused by environmental pollution and ecological damage caused by water, water pollution, water degradation, has sounded the alarm to life. 80% of the disease, various nutritional disorder caused epidemics both nutrition and water are directly related.

   on the "water problem" the people most concerned about, deputy director of the National Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee, Professor of Food Science, Li Lite China Agricultural University, said:

   [123 ] does have a lot of people are concerned about whether the water has a wide variety of nutrients, but it ignores a fundamental fact - the water itself is a nutrient.


   of water in our lives plays an important role, it is the source of life, is indispensable to mankinds most important material resources for survival and development of one of . The human body to various chemical reactions must also be conducted properly under water involvement.


   Therefore, the water quality has a direct impact on our health. The water purifier is to increase our drinking water into a threshold, filtering harmful substances, but also our health. This does not, the water purification materials have begun to spread knowledge:

   Book Volume II of ecological civilization education in grades nine [2017] / Hunan Education Edition / 9th grade.




   A lot of people say, so bought a house to buy water purifiers? It is not decoration, but the necessities of life; 80% of the cells are made of water, a healthy 80% of the water is determined! Healthy or not to see you have no money, but to see you have ideas! So, for the health of you and your family, do not hesitate! Life is more precious, good water, good life!

   (Source: Vishay meal purifier) 鈥嬧€?p>

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