Stainless steel cup of tea to drinkoxic it
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   we kind of cup filled with water more, we often use stainless steel cup filled with water in their lives, so when you can use stainless steel tea cup it will produce some toxicity everyone can sign it Learn about.




tea is our traditional Chinese culture of five thousand years, at tea time, we often use the special tea utensils. When the weather turns cold, we will find that the use of a cup of tea tend to cool more quickly, this time will be replaced with stainless steel cup, it has a thermal insulation performance, but with a stainless steel tea cup, when, will the risk of chronic poisoning caused it? this is a lot more concerned about a friend, 2020-06-05 here I explain in detail the stainless steel cup of tea to drink toxic it!


Now many market will sell stainless steel cups, many people will use stainless steel cup to drink water, only a very small number of people will use stainless steel tea cup, stainless steel cup itself will be relatively clean and clean, slept in on the ground will not be broken cold weather with a stainless steel tea cup, it can maintain a certain temperature, but at tea time, the inner wall of the cup of tea stains also appear. Because tea which contains a lot of chemical composition, to a stainless steel tea cup, it will have certain chemical reactions.


stainless steel cup contains chromium, which is a heavy metal, corrosion of stainless steel cups because the protective film is destroyed, chromium will be released, it will cause harm to humans if continued use. Chromium is a blue and white polyvalent metal element, a common divalent chromium, trivalent chromium and hexavalent chromium. Hard and brittle, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel and other products used so much. If the body of long-term high intake of trivalent chromium, it will affect the bodys antioxidant system, prone to some chronic oxidative diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure this type of disease.


in the purchase of a stainless steel cup, they must pay more attention, because the quality of stainless steel cups of good and bad, will directly affect us in a stainless steel cup health problems. Please do not use stainless steel cup to drink tea, this will have an effect between each other, will also directly caused by the occurrence of toxicity, we must pay attention to safety in the purchase of stainless steel products, when can the right to use stainless steel cups, here we suggest that you, the stainless steel cup is best not used to make tea, andAnd Youyanjiangcu also best not to use stainless steel containers.




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