Small household appliance market, you need to focus on steel
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   water purifier, beauty instrument ...... with white goods "Three Musketeers" --- refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines compared to these appliances, although body "slim", but profoundly affected and changed our lives. According to research understood that the current domestic market, small appliances more than 40. In number, small appliances on the domestic market, compared with hundreds in the US market, there are still some gaps. It can be said, in the country, small appliances contains more room for growth, small domestic appliances market in the future may become a new bright spot in home appliances market.

   "China small household appliance industry research and development report" shows that in 2016 the countrys total output of small household appliances was 7.6 million units expected by 2020 this figure will change to 1.086 billion units. In particular, and about 20 per household compared to developed countries in Europe and America small appliances, small domestic appliances ownership of 8 to 9 per household is still not a small room for improvement.


   to water purification products, for example, according to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2016, Chinas water purification agent industry sales of 20.3 billion yuan, of which online sales of 16.3 billion yuan, an increase of 37.9%; sales in the line of 40.5 billion yuan, up 51.7%. According to the Institute of Business industry forecasts, in 2017 the market size of my countrys water purifier up to 27.1 billion yuan, of which online up to 21.3 billion yuan, up 5.8 billion yuan next line.

   At the same time, exports, small household appliances export volume and price go in the first half, the main products are kitchen appliances, indoor comfort and floor care products. Among them, the indoor comfort and floor care products because of the small base early, export volume and export growth are relatively large. Vacuum cleaner export prices remain high.

   According to research to understand, small appliances and different from the traditional white, overall demand is more balanced in terms of time, there is no obvious peak seasons, rising sales in recent years. According to statistics, air purifier, dehumidifier, dishwasher, noodles, bread and other products have shown this trend. By 2016, my countrys total rice cooker sales growth of 7.3%, up 4% electric fans, microwave ovens grew 4.5%, gas water heaters, an increase of 11.5%. It is estimated that in the next period of time, small appliances are likely leveraging a big market, small appliances are likely to bring some steel demand.

   is generally believed that the home appliance industry, small appliances, steel consumption is only 10% of the amount of steel appliances. According to this ratio and 2016 years, the amount of steel appliance market (12.9 million tons) estimated that in 2016 small appliances is about 1.29 million tons of steel. Body mass is not big, but short life cycle of small appliances, product upgrading frequently. If the small household appliance market to grow up, and the resulting demand for steel is worth the wait. With water purifier, for example, by the Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry CCID, Chinas electronic newspaper jointly issued the "first half of 2017 purchasing power report" shows that the first half of 2017, online sales rose a larger increase in water purification equipment. Water purification equipment online retail sales reached 1.82 million units, up 26.8%; retail sales reached 1.8 billion yuan, up by 37.6%.

   needs of small appliances steel sheet mainly based products mainly concentrated in Putan cold rolled coil, hot-dip galvanized, galvanized sheet, color coated, and stainless steel, silicon steel and other fields, in this high-end steel demand for iron and steel enterprises in the future to upgrade the product will play a certain role.



   However, the general production of small household appliances enterprises are small, therefore, the single steel procurement smaller scale. Steel prices in order to gain a firm foothold in this market, we must adapt to this change in purchasing patterns, the shift from mass production to steel customized, flexible production direction, thereby providing a one-stop shop for the relevant small household electrical appliances manufacturers of steel procurement services program, so as to increase the occupancy of the iron and steel enterprises in this market.

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