When using a water purifier before do not forget its useful
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  In all aspects of life, people know that the clothes will be out of date, will expire food, housing there is life, especially in real estate fixed time shall not exceed seven years, all vehicles have to travel as standard, did so in order to ensure peoples health and safety, and water purifiers in popularity in recent years, also appeared in "shelf life", but little known. 浣跨敤鍑€姘村櫒鏃跺墠 鍗冧竾鍒繕浜嗗畠鐨勪娇鐢ㄥ勾闄? width=

   According to market research data show that: most of the current consumer equipment used in water purification products are not bad as long as you can always use, because they feel overage waste water purifier is not as televisions, gas stove as dangerous use would happen, so how long can you hold on for how long attitude; there is also a small part of the consumer is being used to represent water purification products being used have some concerns because they fear that if the water purification products for more than "shelf life", and even in the case of filter replacement in time, the water purifier cartridge experience humid environment, leaking, to a "stealing."

   water purification products "shelf life" exactly how long? Not many people seem concerned about this issue. Whether it is water purification product manufacturers, distributors or consumers, most of them have knowledge of "warranty" water purification products, but its "shelf life" is poorly understood. In fact, water purification products, there are some "useful life", but most of the water purification products and durable goods belonging to the neglect of its shelf life. National Quality Supervision and Inspection Department and China Furniture Association staff said that at present our country yet issued regulations related to furniture shelf life. Water purification products "shelf life" varies from product to product. In general, regular brand is the only high-quality housing are 304 stainless steel, this type of steel used in the general environment life is about ten years, while the water purifier filters, regular brand is made of food grade PVC material, city unsolicited general "shelf life" in about three years, but also with local water quality to determine, so decided to filter the water, do not let the water purifier at home becomes a source of pollution.

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