Yiyang City tap water price adjustment hearing will be held
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   November 9 hearing this morning, Yiyang City Water Limited water price adjustment hearing was held. Consumer representatives, Municipal Peoples Congress, CPPCC members and representatives of relevant government departments, business representatives and hearings personnel more than 20 people attended.



   City Water Company water covering the center of town, Heshan Town and Cang Heng Long Qiaozhen water, and high-tech zones Schelling Town and New Town Du. Currently, the city water prices continue to enforce the standards of 2010, the average price of 1.88 yuan / ton, the third lowest in the provinces 14 prefecture-ranked city, and estimates found that the current average cost of the citys water supply reached 2.58 yuan / tons, a substantial loss. Therefore, the company in May this year made an application to adjust the price of water to the City Development and Reform Commission.

   According to relevant regulations, and the cost of going to report to the municipal price cost of the investigation team, and with reference to the province brothers city price adjustment schedule and price rises, the price of the proposed transfer, the basic price adjustment from the current 1.88 yuan per ton to 2.27 yuan, up 0.39 yuan, AM 20.7%. Among them, water for urban residents raised to 1.62 yuan per ton 1.96 yuan, 0.34 yuan raised tons of water; non-resident water per ton 2.43 yuan raised to 2.94 yuan, 0.51 yuan raised tons of water; special industries raised by the 6.48 yuan 7.84 yuan, tons of water raised 1.36 yuan. Residential water 15 tons per household per month, the monthly incremental 5.1 yuan. Township water adjusted to the same three types of urban water prices from the current price of five categories, of which administrative water, industrial water and water management services merge non-residential water, water Tongwangtongjia all kinds of urban and rural areas.

   hearing, the municipal water company to make price adjustment application report, the cost price of the cost of going investigation team for the report, the Urban Development and Reform Commission service price management department will adjust the price of water a preliminary opinion. Hearings on behalf of mentioning price adjustment scheme opinions on the price to play a regulatory role, and guide rational use of water residents expressed understanding and support, and basic hearing program in favor of City Development and Reform Commission proposed, but also want to adjust the price of water companies in the same time, good service, improve water quality, work to solve water pressure, improve the quality of life of the people.

   After the meeting, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission will be based on the observations and recommendations of representatives, to further modify and improve the water price adjustment, and make a final plan, submitted to the government for approval.

   Source: Yiyang online

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