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   As peoples awareness of health and safety of drinking water, water purifier popularity expanded rapidly to become "rigid demand" peoples lives. However, the water purifier manufacturers everywhere, rampant cottage brand, as consumers, it is hard to distinguish from the real trusted brand, product. Water purifier which brand? The face of many brands and different types of water purifiers, water purification industry plus custom branded fresh water purifiers teach you five buying tips.



   First, knowledge of local water quality and water

   In the water purifier before the purchase, the consumer must first own water sources and water quality do understand. The northern region the water is too hard for some of the South, and a lot of impurities, selection of high-precision filter RO reverse osmosis water purifier, also known as water machine is the first choice of the family. The water quality in the southern region of relatively softer, but due to the heavy presence of heavy metals such as industrial pollution, chemical pollution, etc., plus most of the cells are secondary water supply, there will be some secondary water pollution and other issues, if high quality requirements of drinking water for some families may choose. Add fresh water purifier is professional development, production of household water purification systems and engineering enterprises, strict implementation of quality standards for water treatment, product line full, wide coverage, including four series, eight categories, is "for Chinese water quality differences , complexity, diversity professional customized "water purifier brand.

   Second, drinking water purifier qualification is a guarantee of quality

   qualification test report and check the water purifier product proved brand whether national, provincial health department inspection report and related to drinking water hygiene and safety products permit this document, which is to ensure the necessary conditions for the purchase of qualified health and safety products. The most direct, inspect several documents, namely RO reverse osmosis water purifier, UF ultrafiltration water purifier, pipe machine, must have the health department issued a health permit this document in order to sell. Of course, if the manufacturers of products to put in a product liability insurance, then you buy at ease with them and really psychological.

   Third, aside a good size, installation location and manner

   Optional water filter requires two cases, one is a home decoration being renovated or not, in which case the machine easy to set aside space for installation. If the home is renovated, the staff will service small spanner flexibility determine where the actual situation in your home. Note also select the location, choose the location to install water purification original water pipe prevail, should consider whether the convenience of drinking water, sewage convenience, electricity convenience, maintenance convenience, whether the cracking in cold weather, and the whole space whether or not coordination and beautiful, but also to avoid touching children.

   Fourth, pay attention to water purifier filter replacement and replacement costs

   water purifier is the need for regular filter replacement, while Some propaganda that is not required to replace the filter of the brand, for this is more worrying, water purifier filter all have an expiration date, and regularly replace the filter in order to protect water quality and safety. When replacing the filter element to note that different cartridges of different devices, and the replacement cycle and costs are not the same, consumers have to look at replacement time and costs.

   Fifth, water purifier installation service issues

   water purifiers and other home appliances different, since the latter need water purifier replacement of filters and other supplies, so when consumers buy water purifier must pay attention to after-sales service to buy the seller guaranteed, not only can protect the installation, service and without worry. Many consumers reflected the purchase of a water purifier, a number of business service attitude is "customer is God," and all the transaction is completed, paid their money, business attitude immediately reduced. When the water purifier requires maintenance problems, businesses flew Face it, or make excuses, or drag the time, anyway, is not resolved immediately, this service also for many consumers scared endless! Water industry custom-branded fresh water plus water purification an after-sales nationwide coverage, whether you are in the heart of the city, or in remote mountain villages, can ensure superior service.

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