The new marketing concept of water purification equipment ba
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   In a mobile world, who is already integrated with the intelligent terminal, jointly become a node on a mobile network. This makes it easier to form between each of the nodes interact with accurate and fast information, better and more convenient to meet peoples information needs. Mobile terminal anytime, anywhere to consumers around the collection and analysis of all data, so that consumers and the people around him better interaction with the deepening of the traditional mobile Internet industry influence, to seize emerging market opportunities mobile Internet has become the enterprise consensus. In this context, the Chinese .mobi came into being.

   Chinese .mobi domain name is (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) approved by the Internet highest authority ICANN, responsible MTLD (Chinese .mobi domain Administration) operation and maintenance, and is committed to Internet content delivery to mobile devices, such as smart phone, PDA, mobile phones and other exclusive domain name, is the worlds first and the only one built for the mobile phone and mobile terminal device domain. "Chinese .mobi" domain name has easy to identify, easy to remember, quick input and other advantages. Meanwhile, the "Chinese .mobi" domain name or entry enterprises to build a unified mobile applications.

   The 21st century is the era of mobile Internet, water purification equipment company in addition to traditional marketing, online and offline, will have to keep pace with the times, on the road to the mobile Internet marketing. Such water purifier business in order to better meet the needs of the times, a solid water purifier brand position in the market. Mobile Internet is the mobile communications and the Internet combine the two into one, in recent years, mobile communications and the Internet become the worlds fastest growing and largest market potential, the most attractive prospects of the two businesses, their growth rate is any unanticipated forecasters, the mobile Internet will be expected to create a kind of economic miracle. The so-called mobile Internet marketing is to make use MMS, SMS group sending, wap, two-dimensional code, mobile client such as mobile phones and Internet technology, direct contact with the consumer, so that the audience diffuse into every corner of the world.

   As a senior Cuisi Rui domain name investors, we saw the Chinese .mobi popular level in the moment, and huge appreciation potential. He followed the trend, far-sighted, registered the "water purification equipment net .mobi" domain name. "Chinese .mobi" domain name not only contains all the excellent ".mobi" domain namePotential, but also has its own uniqueness. Chinese domain name not only in the habit of people to use, and is well known to the people, to carry out business online promotion is a strong guarantee. For example: pay .mobi, music .mobi, .mobi games, news and other fine .mobi domain name industry, not only easy to remember, but also has broad representation, making these domain names have strong appreciation potential and investment value. While also blowing a large number of registered "Chinese .mobi" domain name whirlwind in the country.

   about the outlook for the global Chinese .mobi officially open registration, the majority of enterprises and Internet users optimistic about the mobile Internet to launch a new way of marketing, will usher in a new prospect. And cybersquatting is predictable, and is the inevitable trend of development of the Internet.

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