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   After several years of steady growth, water purification industry growth rate gradually declined from the beginning of 2019, with the rapid development of water purification industry, the emergence of a large number of new brands, in fact, in this industry there are some enterprises have taken root a long time.

   According to public information, Angell is a professional to do the net water equipment business, it has been steeped in water purification industry for 28 years. Recently, a number of agencies jointly issued the Angel home improvement water standards, water purifier industrial layout in advance from the terminal to the retail stage decoration, the move will bring a new path for the development of water purification industry do? Angel-end net how to water the road prospects?


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   market growth fell, landing hard water standard home improvement

   [ 123] after several years of rapid growth, in 2019, the water industry fell from a high growth state, Orville cloud network data, 2019 China water purifier market as a whole is 57.2 billion yuan, the industry grew 10%, which is the lowest growth rate of the water industry since 2013.

   2020 sudden outbreak of epidemic trend of decline further so that the water industry is grim, Orville cloud network (AVC) push the total data show, 2020Q1 water purifier sales volume overall market size of 2.86 billion yuan, down 43.0% , offline market 1.45 billion yuan, down 60.8%, online market 1.41 billion yuan, an increase of 7.2%. According to the latest data of April, although the online market strategy relies on low-cost competition has increased, but the whereabouts of the line situation is still grim, in April 2020, retail volume market under a water purifier line of 3.76 million units, retail sales of 159 million yuan, down 36.37 percent and 32.78 percent, respectively. Online retail sales market of 44.6 million units, retail sales of 6.0 billion yuan, up 31.6% and 14.9%, respectively.

   from this years water purifier market sales data can be observed, the greater the line markets have been hit during the epidemic, a lot of the store facing a crisis even closed shop in this tough market conditions, various companies have also resorted to every means. Angel has recently announced a number of joint institutions formally established water industry "water home improvement" standard, the intention to open up a new track in the water purification industry.

   According to official information on, Angel so-called water mark DecorationThe combined organic must have a net water together with the decoration, when the decoration advocated appropriate spatial positions set aside and water lines, a respective water treatment apparatus for mounting. Angel released water home improvement criteria including design, materials, processes, products, services five systems, in order to allow water to quickly fall home improvement standards, Angel plans to launch "a city of one thousand" project, a joint housing prices, prices and other equipment to build a model home improvement among water engineering.

   home improvement water standards can really open up a new track for the water industry to accelerate it? Epidemic may make this standard to promote a little embarrassed, affected by the epidemic, bear the brunt of the real estate market, this year narrowed the size of the opening, a decline obvious. National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2020 a quarter of negative growth in investment in real estate development, real estate sales 219,783,200 square meters, down 26.3% year on year, commercial sales 2.036486 trillion yuan, down 24.7 percent year on year. Fine decoration is also affected, Orville cloud network (AVC) monitoring data show that in the first quarter of 2020 the number of new projects for the decoration 334, down 62% year on year, the scale of the project 308,300 units, down 59% year on year, the market showed a significant decline.

   Angel water standard floor home improvement inevitably depends on the fine decoration market, but in the current renovation project a significant decline in the situation, home improvement standard water landing is still difficult. The late success recognized by consumers, also need the test of time. For "one city, one thousand" project which will be carried out in the city in case of water landing is currently home improvement and later, reporters asked about the first time Angel relevant person in charge, but Angel side said that these problems temporarily reply.

   force building materials market, the retail end of the market share decline

   On the one hand is sweeping water home improvement standard release, on the other hand, the pressure at the retail end face is not small Angel, Angel sales performance in water purification products online and offline somewhat worrying, according to Ovid cloud gateway Note water industry official said, the data from their observations, the current Angel in the retail sales data continued to decline at the end.

   data, January-April 2020, the sales market share Angel line respectively 13.11%, 7.31%, 10.25%, 12.03%, fell 5,87%, 9.27%, respectively, 9.6%, 2.81%,Fourth place. 2020 January-April Angel online sales market share of respectively 4.57%, 3.86%, 4.78%, 5.42%, down 0.73%, respectively, 2.32%, 0.78%, 0.74%, ranking seventh in February, The other three sixth month.

   Although this years sales declined in part because of an overall decline in the industry caused by the epidemic, but we found that after the time line stretched, July 2019 - between December, whether online or offline Angel market share is still up most of the decline, only two months in a slight upward trend. In addition, the second half of 2019, the market is also ranked at Angel line in the third and even the second, but after entering the year 2020, under the Angel line market share ranking has slipped to fourth.

   affected by the epidemic, under water industry continued to shrink in line channels, people at home during the epidemic isolation, greater choice of online shopping the way, live with goods made in other emerging marketing channels and between enterprises better results, substantial growth in the online channel. Angel also introduced during the epidemic more than live, and stores the line settled to the Lynx shop, but from the sales data, Angel online sales and AO Smith, Patio and even Internet companies millet is still a gap compared to Jingdong, for example, in reverse osmosis water purifier 2000-3000 yuan price segment, the number of top-rated Angel sales of a product is 13,000 +, while the number of reverse osmosis water purifier evaluation AO Smith, the same price of 110,000 +.

   water industry veteran, said Angel continued to decline in the retail end of the data may continue to overweight the past few years Angel layout of the building materials market, the market focus shifted related.

   In early 2019, Angel released a new strategy, announced by the manufacturer into a single product net water solutions provider, announced at the same time expand more channels, building materials, maternal and child health market in the production line, coordination and cooperation. December 2019, Angel decoration and Internet platform Tuba rabbit announced a partnership to create "Home + clean drinking water," the new model of water home improvement, home improvement water to April this year launched a standard rally.

   corporate strategy using what are in fact deliberate, track conversion is correct take years or even decades before they can judge, but for water purification enterprises, productsNo recognized by the market is relatively easy to judge whether or not an important indicator of brand success.

   increase in the low-end price war risk, high-end track competitors

   Angel As a company with 28-year-old net drinking water manufacturers, over the years has focused on clean drinking water, not to expand Other business. Angel has always been the flagship high-end water purifier road, in research and development has been also put a number of 2014 high-end water purifier A6 release, 2018 launch of whole house water purification program in August 2019 released versatile kitchen water purifier Meanwhile, in 2019, Angel also independently developed a full-effect membrane technology, breaking the foreign manufacturers has been the reverse osmosis membrane technology monopoly. In order to expand the online market, in 2019, Angel also co-incubation of a new electricity supplier Jingdong sub-brand "Angel us", launched the first Angel Rebels water purifier.

   Although the blessing of technology and R & D investment, but clean drinking water in the market, the brand was after the incoming head who A.O. Smith, the United States and even Internet companies millet occupied, the reason behind this thought-provoking.

   on the black cat complaints, complaints about Angel water purifier products have 19 complaints concerning product quality and after-sales and other related issues. On the electronic business platform, purchase Tucao about the product quality is also ongoing, such as "buy back nine days on the bad, after-sales staff to repair bad repair several times, finally said to be a bad cartridge, keep the headquarters of the application, I waited at least 10 days "," machine too loud "," more than a few days a month to use, tap the button to start failure "......

   in addition to the consumer not satisfied with the product quality and after-sales, in terms of product homogeneity, Angel is also facing fierce competition to Angel newly released last year all-around kitchen water filter, for example, the recent launch of the boss appliances kitchen central water purifier with this product, there are many similarities, in addition, AO Smith, United States, Patio overweight and so the layout of the high-end market, it is difficult to Angel dominance in the high-end market, in the low-end product line, water purification product homogeneity is more serious, even the outbreak price the risk of war, especially since the outbreak, some enterprises in order to clear inventory, continue to depress the average price of water purification machines, according to Ovid cloud network observation for some time, manufacturers may still clear inventory-based, low-end products end competition It will become more intense.

   face as online and offlineThis anxiety of fighting, coupled with this years outbreak, Angel the pressure is quite substantial. But the water industry in the long run is still the better, the industry believes that by 2020 the water industry will enter a mature stage, and maintain a longer period of time, demand will just need to improve the transition from the habit of demand, the pace of industry upgrade will accelerate. In this state of the market, the introduction of differentiated and innovative products on the market, improve after sales service experience can make the water purifier business more stable through this period of volatility, with water and Angel can build a complete home improvement standard net closed aquaculture, recognized by consumers, the current situation needs to be marked with a question mark.

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