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   to determine the installation height of the family smoke machine, it is to make one thing many owners headaches. Smoking installed too high or too low will affect, then, in the end how much smoke machine installation is appropriate it? Today, small series to help analyze.


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smoke machine to install Level is Appropriate? The answer here (Photo from Internet)

   First, to adapt the overall design of the kitchen

   range hood is installed above the stove, so the hood mounting height reference not only to the individuals height , but also to adapt to the overall design of the kitchen, including the height and width of floor cabinets, wall cabinets cabinet and so on.

   1 hanging cabinet installation height: usually hanging cabinet mounting height criteria raising his hand can open the door wall cupboard to 1600-1650mm appropriate,

   2 countertop mounting height. : countertop mounting will take into account the distance from the bottom of the other equipment, such as hoods, typically between 65 cm -75 cm, is first adjusted after installation position hanging cabinet and cabinet according to the requirements.

   Second, the conventional hood and the side suction hood mounting height

   extractor hood can be divided by the appearance of Chinese hood, and the hood European fume extraction suction side machines, will also affect the different exhaust from the hood installation height adjustment.

   1 hoods tradition: traditional range hoods, mainly referring to past Chinese range hood designed for Chinese and European cooking habits designed, European-style range hood, range hood both belong hanging installation, fume suction is on the way in row, so installation height in addition to considering the owners height, but also by the impact of the range of suction hoods. Traditional power hood mainstream models mostly between 200W-250W, and therefore the effective radius drawn between 300mm-400mm, and the suction height is usually mounted at a distance of about 70 cm mesa, since this design is that the pot surface withdrawing outside the range, less soot emissions effectively, in order to enhance smoke effect, only the appropriate adjustments to the height;.

   2 different suction hood and the top of the work, the suction side range hood is an air inlet from the side near suction hood, fumes may be sucked from the source of fumes from the side closer to the place, the design of the separating plate fume hoodWash the rate increased to 99%, fume purification rate up to 90%, and thus the side suction hood can no longer mounted directly above the relatively far away from the table. Smoke from the outside edge of the cabinet table of 20-40 cm, which addresses the problems meet Chinese smoke and T models brings, cooking does not make people feel depressed.

   Third, how to determine the appropriate installation height hoods

   hoods maximum mounting height of the mesa height distance of about 80 cm, plus the height of the stove and the gas appliance, but in fact from the hood and the ground is less than 1.6 meters (Asian housewife average net height), so that the situation would meet prone. .

   For such a case, before installation height hostess may first learn to thereby determine the installation height;.

   2 by subtracting the maximum mounting height of 80 cm as the height of the hostess cabinet the height of the table, so that the resulting data cabinets countertops and range hoods mounting height more realistic needs.

   smoke machine installation height actually varies, but in order to avoid errors, or the best advance to communicate clearly with the installation master then decided to avoid making mistakes.

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