Factors of lagging behind sales of household water purifier
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  For household water purifier agents, their most concern is to sell a lot of water purifier products and earn a lot of turnover. But there are always a few winners. Not all agents can make profits. In contrast, this is the case in the water purifier industry. According to the marketing director of Zhigao water purifier, many water purifier agents are faced with the same dilemma. There is a lag phenomenon in the terminal sales channels. The sales volume of water purification products is not rising, and the turnover is even more impossible. According to summary, these results are caused by the following factors. 1銆?The brand of household water purifier is not well known in the market The power of brand is self-evident. A well-known brand of household water purifier can open up the sales market for the agent franchisee, enter the hearts of consumers more quickly, and save the agent a lot of advertising expenses. Its like when it comes to mobile phones, many people naturally think of apple. If the agent is a little-known small brand or miscellaneous brand water purifier, no one will pay attention to it when it comes to the market, who can blame if it cant sell the product? The result is that the product can not be sold, there is no profit, but also to pay for the store rent, the business is bleak, can only declare closure. 2銆?Lack of speculation on potential consumers of household water purifiers What are the functions and effects of household water purifiers? Of course, people in the water purification industry know about them, but consumers dont necessarily know about them. The popularity rate of domestic household water purifiers is only 5%. This data shows that there are still quite a number of consumers lack of awareness and understanding of household water purifiers. At this time, it is necessary for the guide to explain the functions and functions of water purifiers to the potential customers who come to visit and consult the store, and explain that the water purifiers can solve the water quality problems of their home tap water, and guide the consumers to have a comprehensive understanding of the water purifiers And thus facilitate the transaction. When consumers come to your store, in addition to experiencing the water purification products and the atmosphere of the store, the affinity reflected in the shopping guide is also the key to facilitate the purchase. Sometimes customers buy your products not because they are really good to them, but because they agree with the person who sells them. Therefore, in addition to guessing customers consumption psychology, the shopping guides in the stores should also pay attention to their own service attitude and service quality. 3銆?Lack of professional training for shopping guide A professional shopping guide can bring considerable sales to the boss. When a customer comes to your specialty store, it is through direct communication and negotiation between the shopping guide and the customer, as well as through the hand of the shopping guide to sell a series of household water purifier products to the customer. Therefore, how much the shopping guide knows about the water purifier products is particularly important. Shopping guides are like the most advanced soldiers in the battlefield. If their combat effectiveness is not strong, how can they defeat the enemy? If there is no systematic and comprehensive understanding of household water purifier products, how to guide consumers to purchase? Therefore, the marketing director of Zhigao believes that it is necessary to strengthen the training on the professional knowledge, sales skills, negotiation skills, consumer psychological speculation and other aspects of the shopping guide, so as to improve the professional quality of the shopping guide, so as to effectively improve the sales volume of household water purifier products. The above three factors are common problems encountered by domestic water purifier agents. Only by improving these conditions can agents open up the market and increase the sales of water purification products. Zhigao director analysis, household water purifier brand is the support of the market, professional service is the biggest contributor to the transaction. The combination of the two can make a fresh start in the water purification market.

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