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   HC Network home water purifier water filter installed, it plays a very important role, can filter water. That water purifier and filter What is the difference? PChouse take you to find the next bar.


   1, see materials and principles: the principle of the filter mainly through activated carbon, to filter out harmful substances in the water molecules, but for bacteria and viruses still can not remove heavy metals, usually the water filters are used in industrial production, commercial or other purposes. In contrast purifier is relatively high-tech products, which water purifier special technique is that it is permeable polymer film, this layer is only 0.0001 micron pore membrane. Under the pressure of the water, a thin film of water molecules, and water microorganisms, heavy metals, viruses and other harmful substances were blocked out.

   2, see the appearance and structure: Due to the principle of the filter is simple and typically only ordinary nonwoven fabric filter made of activated carbon composition, without the use of either plug; household water purifiers and often a combination of a variety of materials from which water purification function and effects are good. Water purifier contains not only the material within the filter core and more further filter: RO reverse osmosis membrane, pressurizing electromagnetic valve, functional, more complex structure.


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